Sony & Jeff Wood Teach Wedding Video Techniques with the Sony 4K Handycam


Master videography skills don’t always have to come with an outrageous price tag. Verge Magazine put this theory to the test at Sony Entertainment’s Wedding Masterclass with six-year master videographer Jeff Wood.

The goal was to make guests feel comfortable enough to be able to film their own weddings. In recent surveys, Sony found startling statistics about weddings that have a lot to do with how it’s filmed.

In a survey of 2,000 people, Sony found that 54% of newlyweds are too caught up in the wedding chaos to take in all the special moments of their wedding day. More than 1 in 4 admit to not remembering their vows; over a third of those surveyed admitted to not having a wedding video and regretting it; only 1 in 10 said they would trust a did to film their wedding day, and the biggest fear from Brits was looking bad in their wedding video.

After hearing this feedback, the challenge was to film a mock wedding with a handheld camera while making it look as professional as possible. With the use of Sony’s amazing new 4K Handycam, we were able to film the interactive session, along with Wood’s guidance.

Jeff Wood has been filming events across every scale and budget from all around the globe. Since his work of filming royal and celebrity weddings, he has since started teaching workshops and training programs on film all across the UK. He will also be judging The Wedding Industry Awards for the third time this year.

After some quick refreshments and an introduction with Wood, we were ready to start rolling. The first scene to shoot consisted of the bride getting ready for her special day. Wood coached all the young videographers in the art of angles, depth of field and story telling through the camera. The Handycam made filming a breeze thanks the Balance Optical SteadyShot technology. With this feature, even the most novice filmers can get the perfect shot.

From there we moved to the groom writing his final vows. Wood taught the class filming techniques like lighting and exposure to make our footage look more professional.

Finally it was time for the “ceremony.” Wood gave the class pointers on how to capture the pivotal moments like a pro. He admitted to loving the shots of the groom’s reaction and other classic “corny shots.”


After cheers and a celebration, Wood stuck around for questions and discussion with the group. He shared his expert editing advice, as well as his “go-to” sequence for all his wedding video stories.

Along with the fantastic filming quality, the Handycam comes with amazing features like a built-in projector for instant sharing of your shots and selective audio recording controls. With a user-friendly interface and state of the art recording technology, the Handycam is the perfect filming choice for new and experienced filmers alike.

After saying our final thank you’s and congratulating the “bride and groom,” the group were then given their footage and bottles of champagne as parting gifts, just like true wedding guests.

Here are Jeff’s 5 Top Tips for shooting wedding videos:

Take short clips (3 to 5 seconds), think of each clip as a photograph and think about the composition and meaning of that shot.  Don’t just let it roll and point to the action as it happens

Consider audio as well as video when you are taking these shots.  What is being said is as important, if not more important than what is being done

Sit and wait, some of the most interesting stuff is just about to happen. If you go looking for it, you’ll always be one step behind

Shooting a photography session will only do two things – capture the couple feeling awkward, and annoy the photographer.  Documentary film making is about the mood and feelings of the day.  The mood and feelings during a couple’s photo shoot are not important to the big picture

Split the video acquisition into two categories – ‘A roll’ and ‘B roll’.  The ‘A roll’ is vows, speeches and readings.  The ‘B roll’ is everything else that happens during the day.  Give yourself the freedom to get visually creative with the ‘B roll’ because during the ‘A roll’ what is said is the important thing



The Sony 4K FDR-AXP33 handheld camera is available from and is priced at £999.00

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