Sony Europe Presents ‘Hi-Res’ Audio

Ever wish you could have been present in the recording studio when your favourite musical artists were recording their albums? Well now you can, almost. With Sony ‘Hi-Res’ audio you can now listen to your favourite music ‘as the artist intended’. The new high-resolution format delivers the best possible audio quality beyond current formats, such as super audio CD and MP3.

Alberto Ayala, Director of Home Entertainment at Sony Europe believes ‘such current formats had previously worked well on the market because consumers preferred convenience over quality’. The dawn of the MP3 player offered users the ability to store more compressed music on one device, however this meant compromising the audio quality. In 2014, storage capacities on devices have increased, and so the general public demands more than just “average” quality sounds. According to research conducted by Sony Europe and music download service Qobuz, over 84 percent of those surveyed ‘would prefer listening to full albums if they could listen to them in Hi-Res audio, the way they were originally recorded’.

Sony Europe, one of the first to develop and release ‘Hi-Res audio capable products’ from headphones, media players, speakers and amplifiers, have recently added ‘The world’s smallest and lightest Hi-Res Audio digital music player’ to their portfolio. ‘The exquisitely styled Walkman® NWZ-A15 immerses music fans in a world of vivid, richly detailed sound’, the device supports current high-resolution audio but also up-scales your standard MP3 format to near Hi-Res quality, allowing the user to ‘hear all and feel more’

Metropolis Studio, London, UK

Indie band ‘Editors’, who have released universally acclaimed albums including ‘In this light and on this evening’ and ‘The weight of your love’ , have for the first time released these albums in ‘Hi-Res’ audio. Band member Tom Smith believes ‘it’s great that the opportunity is there for fans who desire to listen to the music in greater depth’.

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Article by Luis Donegan-Brown