Discover endless fitness opportunities with Somuchmore

Know you want to exercise but don’t know what you want to do? Somuchmore offer thousands of classes in lots of locations, with only one card.

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Whether you want to work your core with Tai Chi, get your blood pumping with Crossfit, learn how to Salsa, meditate with Yoga, or simply relax in a sauna, there are 100+ studios around London where you can do exactly what you’re in the mood for anytime of day.

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What’s even better is you don’t have to commit to anything. You can get a 14 day free trial of Somuchmore’s classes before you buy a card and when you do buy one, there’s no long term contract.  You can cancel or freeze your card whenever you want, and change your routine every time you visit a studio.

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A card costs £89 and lets you attend as many classes in as many studios as you want a month. You just have to remember to sign up for classes in advance through Somuchmore’s website.

Get moving and #BeSomuchmore.

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Find out more and start your 2 week free trial online at: