Something New: BIC Shave Club!

With recent research from BIC Shave Club showing 35% of 18-34-year-old men consider the biggest hassle of shaving as having to buy the blades, BIC Shave Club is helping keep shaving simple in 2018 through its shave club. 1 in 4 men opt for a clean shave in 2018 and spend 30% more time on facial grooming than head hair.

In fact on average men spend 5 minutes, 31 seconds on styling their hair per day, BIC Shave club understand the importance of shaving for men and offer a convenient and flexible service. Subscribers will receive a free handle, with a choice in subscription packages on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

With offers as low as £3.90 for the first month, men are ready for the clean-shaven comeback. With a significant proportion of men frustrated with blunt razors, BIC Shave Club saves men across the UK from the frustration with its low-cost, reliable service.

As we head into autumn, it’s time to lose the pirate look – summer is over and it’s not cool anymore. In order to achieve the closest possible shave, it’s important to use a high quality razor AND use cream or shaving gel.

The cream versus shaving gel debate is of the utmost importance to achieve the smoothest of shaves. Both products have their merits, but what product should you use, for what skin type and for what result?

Pros of shaving cream:

·         It softens the hair and reduces irritation

·         It spreads easily on the face and gives the feeling of having used a hydrating cream

·         It’s effective on any type of facial hair, but those with thicker facial hair will benefit most and those with dry and combination skin types

·         With the presence of glycerine, the cream makes shaving more fluid and more precise

·         For men with sensitive skin, cream is much less painful

·         BIC SHAVE CLUB’s product is made of 85% natural products with Aloe Vera and Jojoba which promotes a precise and pleasant shave

Pros of shaving gel:

·         The gel is initially transparent and then transforms in a few moments under the fingers into a creamy foam

·         It therefore applies with precision and allows to have full visibility on the contours to stylize his face as desired

·         It’s the product that really suits the trends of the moment for a shave where trimmed beard and shaved area are often combined

·         The gel allows an impeccable shave without dehydrating the skin, and is therefore suitable for dry and sensitive skin

·         With the BIC SHAVE CLUB’s product with Aloe Vera, the razor slides more easily on the skin for a very pleasant cool shave