Solange’s Wedding

Remember the last time Beyonce’s sister got more publicity than she did? No, neither do I. Okay there was the whole ‘did-she-didn’t-she-beat-up-Jay-in-an-elevator-fiasco’ but even that somehow ended up being more about the Carters than it did about Solange. Until last weekend, that is, when baby Knowles’s got hitched to 51-year-old Alan Ferguson and for a brief moment in time B became Solange’s Michelle.


Everything about the wedding was modern, untraditional and absolutely perfect. We could talk about the guests clad all in white (usually a huge no-no) or the matching bicycles the happy couple arrived on (there wasn’t a limousine in sight) or the dance off Solange had with her son (because, just, why not) but what I really want to talk about is what the bride wore. Solange’s bridal fashion show began with an ivory jumpsuit by designer Stephane Rolland, for the ceremony itself she donned a Kenzo dress that featured a floor-length cape and she partied the night away in a second Rolland jumpsuit.


Solange is not the first bride to eschew a single outfit in the form of traditional gown; she is following in the footsteps of women such as Amal Clooney, Olivia Palermo, and, of course, Carrie Bradshaw who eventually did the deed in a suit skirt … by nobody but the increasing number of brides that are choosing to embrace a modern take on their nuptials is definitely noteworthy. This new tradition to break from tradition places less emphasis on a fairtytale-esque ceremony complete with puffy meringue dress and is actually much more reflective of modern relationships and modern women. Brides are choosing to wear outfits that reflect who they are in the world today, whether that be a dress, a two piece, or a jumpsuit and their decision not to conform is lending more authenticity to their weddings. Solange’s special day hit the nail on the head for precisely that reason. On arguably the biggest and most memorable day of their life why should a woman choose to dress up as anything but herself?

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