Single Awareness Day with YouTube

February 15th is Single Awareness Day and research from YouTube reveals some interesting trends and spikes for all topics relating to the status, it’s clear that the UK is ready to embrace its single status in 2018. Here’s an overview:

On YouTube in the UK, interest in videos related to being single has more than doubled (122% spike!) since the last week of December. It’s interesting to note that all of these videos portray the single status in a positive light despite the negative views usually associated with it. Could we be seeing a nation of empowered single people on the rise?

Looking deeper at the UK specifically from January 1st, 2017 – today, we pulled some of the most viewed videos from UK-based creators on topics ranging from questions around “why am I single?” to contrasting bold and self-empowering statements on “why I am single” and general discussions of “being single”.

Hannah Witton – Truth About Being Single 

Miniminter – Why Am I Single? – Simon Edward Winter 

Roseanne Halse Rojas – The Truth About Being Single | With Lucy Moon

Emily Hart – Why I Am Single 

Justkissmyfrog – The Truth About Not being Single ( With Hannah Witton) 

Shirley B Eniang – Am I Happy Being Single | Snapchat Q&A 

 Justkissmyfrog – The Truth About Being Single






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