Selena Gomez Lands Her Own Show on Netflix

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Who says Netflix and Chill is overrated? Definitely not Selena.

It’s true – Selena Gomez has been named the Executive Producer of a 13 episode series entitled, ’13 Reasons Why’ and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve seen Selena play a numerous amount of roles in her career, but directing her own show was definitely not in our books. Fancy, right?

Based on the bestselling book by Jay Asher, ’13 Reasons Why’ focuses on the life of Clay as he attempts to cope with the suicide of his crush, Hannah. Coincidentally, Hannah leaves Clay a box of 12 tapes unmasking the role of the individuals who contributed to her death. What makes the plot even more spine-chilling, is the fact that Clay then has to deliver these tapes to each of the 12 people. Awkward.

Sources say that our former Disney star was originally set to play Hannah, but Selena loved the concept so much that she wanted to direct it herself. As you can tell, girl power continues to remain a success! Selena has always been known to have a creative flare, so whose to say that this show won’t do the same?

Popcorn at the ready, people – ’13 Reasons Why’ is coming to a Netflix near you!

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