Say Hello To Spontaneity with Moodoo

Most of the time when you are in a particular mood, figuring out what to do can be somewhat annoying because – hello – your in a MOOD. You want something in particular, but you also want to do something that not only fits your mood, but a friends as well.  Whether you are in the mood to catch the latest flick at the cinema, grab a cup of coffee, or even grab a pint at a pub with great atmosphere to talk about how you are going to conquer the world, spontaneity is not everyone’s forte. So what can you do to help bring out your inner free-spirited self? There’s an app for that if you were wondering.

Say hello to moodoo.  Moodoo is one of the simplest and quickest ways to arrange impromptu meetups with friends based on your mood, and is designed to take you from mood to meet.

Founder Lucy Gadkari feels that “Digitally, we are more connected than ever before, yet in some ways we’ve never been so disconnected.” Lucy and the team behind moodoo believe that social media, although it brings many benefits, can’t replace the joy of sharing experiences in person.  To take the stress out of meeting up with friends, moodoo aims to make face-to-face meetups happen more often, more simply.

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Elaine Slater, Psychologist at Grace Belgravia, explains that, “The virtual world is very isolating. In fact, a fundamental issue some Londoners are dealing with right now is loneliness.” She goes on to say that, “Younger generations often miss the trees, the flowers, the architecture and other human beings because there’s always a screen between them and the real world.” We couldn’t agree more.

To shake things up a bit, moodoo is trying to change Londoners tendency to over-plan (breath in, slowly exhale, and repeat after me, “spontaneity is good“). With the constant gap between verbal communication and little way to understand who is free and up for doing something in that moment, people generally organize social activities with friends weeks, or even months, in advance.  It is time to embrace spontaneity, seeing that we have all forgotten how to be spontaneous and unfortunately, the feeling that spontaneity is to much of a hassle.

So how does it work? You can connect with friends via the “moodcast” functionality, which lets you know which friends are in the mood to do and approximately where. After five hours, your status or your friends status will disappear to keep your meetup suggestions up to date and relevant.  Additionally, moodoo helps coordinate plans in only four taps, such as Mood, Where, When and Who – as simple as that!

Now that you have embraced, or at least thought of finally being spontaneous, get the moodoo app via iOS or Android and start engaging with friends.

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