Save With These Simple Apps For Your Next Travel Adventure

With the world of social media stars gracing our Snapchats, Instagrams and favorite blogs, it is easy to become envious of their traveling excursions. From their exotic adventures or to the most stylish cities, followers can digitally live in their shoes.  But why do that when you can do that yourself?

Sure, money is a big issue, but that does not have to stop you.  Living in the United Kingdom compasses many perks of being so close to Europe.  Back to the money issue, the question is how.

Verge has some of the latest and best apps to not only help you save but to save smartly. With these helpful apps, learning how to save does not have to be a chore.

Learn how to budget

Yes, yes, yes, we have all been given the budgeting talks from our parents once or twice in our lives, and this may seem like the simplest of tips. But the fact is that there are many factors to having your money slip through your fingers; going out for a pint, giving into your cravings for your favorite Starbucks beverage and so on.  So yeah, how can you expect to afford your favorite daily comforts on the daily, let alone save for a trip to Venice.  Surprisingly, there are a lot of apps that can help you budget efficiently and are worth the investment.

Toshl, a simple and colorful app that has a user-friendly design and cartoon monsters to keep an eye on your spending, is one to look into. You can enter your income and expenses, and it lets you know if you are spending too much money. Keeping track of your spending will surprise you on how much you are spending on odd, small things. Imagine, all of that data on your spending in one place is enough to stop you from your more extravagant spending.

Get at job, quickly

You have to make money, to spend money. Job hunting is a daunting and meticulous task, and it is safe to say that it is in no way “fun.” If you are looking for a little help, Job Today is an app that lets you find a job on the same day and is completely CV free. Download the app, set up your profile and see who around the area is hiring.  It is perfect for service and retail jobs, letting you make some extra cash without the hassle.

Pro Tip: If you already a have a job, but you want to get a second one, make sure that your contract allows you to have multiple employers. 

Plan cheaply

Believe it or not, travel does not have to be expensive, and there are plenty of cheap travel options out there. Hostels are a fantastic option and your best friend as are comparison websites. When you visit online ticket sales, remember to clear your internet history and cookies: websites tend to put up the price each time you visit to get you to book then and there.

If you use SkyScanner, they have options to fly out to anywhere; this is an excellent way to find the cheapest way to find the most affordable trip if you don’t have a particular destination in mind.

Cut your costs

Everyone is looking for the best deal they can get to cut down on spending, but the main problem is finding them.  A good app for finding great deals is, which looks around you to see which shops and restaurants in your immediate vicinity have cheap deals.

Another tip is to enquire at your local food store about the time when they reduce prices for fresh food and go shopping then.

Treat yourself

When it comes to treating yourself, treat yourself wisely. Companies are always trying to attract customers to them with introductory offers and deals, so it’s worth shopping around and using as many of these as possible. What’s better than a drink or a meal out? A free drink or a free meal out.

Gourmet Burger Kitchens and Be At One are two apps worth looking into that offer you a huge discount.  Be At one even has an ‘Appihour’ which lets you have one hour of happy hour any time you want, once a day by using their app. Who doesn’t love a happy hour?

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