Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day (12th December)


The 12th December is the day before my brother’s birthday but, as relevant as that is to the general public, I’d like to talk about something else that you can look forward to on the 12th; Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day.

If you aren’t wise to it yet, think ‘Jeans for Genes’ day that you used to have in primary school, only with Christmas Jumpers. If you don’t know what Jeans for Genes is, you really ought to check yourself, because there’s a large chance that you will wreck yourself if you aren’t careful.

Save the Children aim to get everyone in the country to wear a Christmas jumper on the 12th, raising money to save the lives of children (with the secondary encouragement of being creative).

The creativity of making a Christmas jumper is something I’d like to butt into briefly. Most people might think that the height of creativity in this field would be to knit one’s own jumper. I think they’re wrong. Knitting a jumper is a good use of time, but it’s about as creative as my left foot (a bit of imagery that wouldn’t work if I were Christy Brown). I propose that people get excited for the 12th of December by printing some Christmas jumpers; it’s really a very simple system.


In order to screen print a jumper you will need:

  • A plain jumper. (Buy one from ‘Fruit of the Loom’ on the Internet for £7. Sorted.)
  • A silk screen. (Take four frame-like bits of wood and drill them together, funnily enough to make a frame. Then staple some silk mesh across one side. Silk mesh costs around £2 and the bits of wood around £5)
  • A stencil. (Quite simply cut a Christmas-themed pun or message into a piece of paper or acetate.)
  • Some water-based ink. (Does what it says on the tupperware container).


After that, do the obvious. Line everything up. Spread the ink over (use an old book if you haven’t got a squeegee). Leave to dry and ‘Homemade Christmas Jumper’. If you’re a student in need of a job, go ahead and turn it into a t-shirt business; that’s what I did.


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Make sure to sign up to Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day and donate!


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