Sango Takes Over Electric Brixton

On Friday 23rd March someone brilliant came to Brixton to create somewhat of a magical evening. The legend that is Sango came down from Seattle to show us all love at Electric Brixton and it was a night to remember. The venue was buzzing with Friday night life and the drinks were flowing – after a long week of hard work, we’re pretty sure that the only thing that got everyone through it was walking through those doors and seeing Sango vibe all the stress away. Throughout the evening there were amazing guest DJ’s warming us up for the main event and boy, we were not disappointed. As soon as Sango stepped on stage the whole room erupted, it was a sea of bobbling heads and arms in the air – almost as if festival season had already arrived. He performed mixes of our favourites including Cardi B’s ”Bodak Yellow” and Travis Scott’s ”Goosebumps’‘- and of course, it was compulsory for him performMe dê Amor” a total classic, so much so that the whole venue seemed to burst within seconds of hearing the unmistakable intro.

Coming from the world of Soulection, Sango knows how to feel the room and understand the crowd. If you’re a real Sango fan, you’ll remember the amazing early Boiler Room sets, and we promise you that he has done nothing but get better with time! Sango is a mastermind at mixing cultures and introducing new sounds to his audience – from combining the sounds of Brazil with R&B and hip-hop, there’s nothing more original than a Sango production. His interaction with the crowd and boundless energy kept us all going, regardless of the time; it felt as though that within those walls was a timeless zone, and as soon as you stepped out into the cold and soggy Brixton streets you realised that it’s 3am and immediately ordered an Uber.

Sango took us back to his childhood influences and introduced us to his passion of cultures and sounds – watching a Sango set is like being inside his mind and that’s the beauty of a great artist. But, as if we weren’t spoiled enough, there was a fusion of Seattle and UK as the opening acts were all home-grown. Opening the evening was talented singer/producer The Code, who had a mesmerising and very mysterious set. We love artists who leave things to the imagination and The Code did just that. Remaining very hidden under a serious light show, we really got to love and appreciate his electronically soulful set accompanied by his gentle but powerful vocals. Soon after followed Blossom, a young London based singer/songwriter who’s charming and personable lyrics, alongside her sweet voice, made it easy for us to fall in love.

The wonderful thing about Sango is that he’s all about people – whether it’s travelling around the world or learning about the those around him, he always manages to incorporate this amazing curiosity within his music and his live performance – we learn about the world through listening to his interpretations, and is there a better way? Every time he graces the London streets it’s a sign that sunny days are just around the corner. We can’t wait to see him again and we will definitely keep you all posted on his next arrival as it’s an experience we must share!

For more information on incredible gigs coming into town check out Electric Brixton’s website


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