The Rise of Female Gamers

Female gamers have been overlooked in the past but not anymore. The rise of women taking to YouTube for eviewing video games has finally come and we’re so excited. If you’re a woman and you’re into gaming buckle up and game on! We’re going to walk you through some of our favourite female gamers right now!


Sssniperwolf aka Lia is a one woman wonder when it comes to gameplay. This YouTube gaming sensation has over 7.2 million subscribers since her first video back in 2013. After finishing high school early, she decided that she would go to University to become a nurse- but after setting up her first YouTube channel she decided to quit Uni and focus on her channel.  At just 25 years old, Sssniperwolf has earned the respect of gamers everywhere by specialising in COD game-play videos, anime and video game cosplays. She’s mentioned that she’s always been a gamer since her childhood and we doubt that will end anytime soon.

Check out Sssniperwolf’s channel here


iHasCupQuake aka Tiffany Garcia  has turned her gaming obsession into a brand. With over 6.1 million YouTube subscribers, a Teen Choice Award nomination for gaming and a Shorty award for best in gaming under her belt, We can safely assume that she’s not here to mess around. Tiffany started her business in University and before she knew it her internet success would take off incredibly; as a child she realised her love for PC gaming and she hasn’t looked back since. After falling in love with drawing and gaming, she managed to grab internship at Cartoon Network after University, where she discovered her passion for YouTube. Tiffany became known for her Minecraft series ”Minecraft Oasis” and also for her Cloud 9 series with her husband. At 29 Tiffany has accomplished a lot and we’re excited for what she’ll surprise us with this year.

Check out iHasCupquake’s channel here


Fangs has labelled herself as the queen of Fifa and we’re definitely not going to question that. As a credit to her skills, she’s earned over 1.4 million YouTube subscribers mainly focusing on Fifa, GTA, Minecraft and COD. She’s been making YouTube videos since early 2012 and is known for collaborating with many YouTube gamers across the US. If you’re brave enough to challenge her online we’ll applaud you!

Check out Fangs’ channel here 


Ldshadowlady, aka Lizzie, is a British YouTube gamer who is not afraid of owning Minecraft but also specialises in app games. She’s been gaming and interacting with other Minecraft YouTubers since 2011 and has also been known to include her sister in a few videos- her charm and colourful hair has won the hearts of many! She’s managed to earn over 3.6 million YouTube subscribers and we doubt that they’re going to stop there.

Check out Ldshadowlady’s channel here


As you may know, Yogs Cast is a well known group of gamers and although they’re are many to choose from Hannah stands out amongst the crowd. She’s been gaming with the group since 2010 and now dedicates majority of her time to her personal gaming YouTube. With 1.2 million subscribers, she keeps them all entertained through specialising in action story driven games. She posts everyday so we’re very sure that you’ll never get bored!

Check out YogscastHannah’s channel here