Relax, Sip and Detoxify: Simple Drinks to Add to Your Daily Routine

Many university students are on the constant go between classes, homework, work and just trying to have a social life.  With busy days, there also comes the obscene amounts of coffee, energy drinks and other drinks with insane amounts of sugar that keep you going. The amount of sugar in these drinks can weigh down on your body and immune system and other health concerns that trickle down to weight, skin care and your metabolism.

So, if you are looking for a way to start a detox routine, or just want to stay rejuvenated and cut down on the sugar cravings, here are some simple steps you can take that can help in weight loss, bloating and to cut down on those sugar cravings.

Water is, of course, your best friend… or at least it should be. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is not only good for keeping you hydrated but is also good for your skin and can help you lose weight.  But it is so bland you say?  Well, creating your own mix of fruit infused water is great for adding flavor, as well as flushing your system of toxins and keeping you healthy.





 Lemon, Lime & Mint

When it comes to wanting to add a little zing to your water, this is one of many combinations to add flavor, while giving your body some benefits from these healthy ingredients.  So what does it do for you?

Lemon or lemon juice in your water is very good in aiding in digestion, cleansing the body and boosting your immune system. It is also very beneficial to drink in the morning to get your body going.

Lime, like lemon, is good in aiding in digestion but is also really good for your skin.  It rejuvenates skin, along with reducing body odor due to the large contents of vitamin C and flavonoids.  Limes are full of antioxidants which also can help with acne.

Finally, if you want to add a little sweetness to your water, mint can help you with that.  Mint is very good for digestion and can help with an upset stomach.  And let’s not forget, it is good for fresh breath!

There are multiple fruits that you can add to your water including cucumber, strawberries, watermelon, raspberries and more with many other health benefits.  Don’t forget, to get the most out of your first glass, make sure that you let the juices steep for about 30 minutes.





No, I am not talking traditional English tea with milk and sugar.  I am talking about clean green and herbal tea with no additives! Sorry folks. Tea does not have to be bland or boring.  There are many lovely teas out there can add some great flavor to your water. The all time winner in detox; green tea. Yes, plain green tea with a slice of lemon is another refreshing beverage, hot or iced, to add some flavor to your water as well as being extremely good for you since it is loaded with antioxidants.


With your favorite teas, make sure you fill a pitcher with boiling water, add around four tea bags and let it steep for a good hour.  Then add ice, some lemon slices, bottle it up and you are good to go!