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Curling up on the sofa for a movie date night at home is a go to for many couples, no matter what stage of the relationship they’re at.

Teaming up with TV Psychology, Mental Health and Relationship Expert Anjula Mutanda, streaming service NOW has revealed exactly what to watch on date nights this Valentine’s Day; depending on what phase of a relationship partners are at.

Anjula reveals that light-hearted rom-coms such as Ticket to Paradise or No Hard Feelings are the ideal content for first dates, as they help to create a comfortable light atmosphere, encourage laughter as well as prompt a lively conversation afterwards.

Meanwhile, for those who are nursing a broken heart at this time of year, it can be extremely difficult; so, Anjula says heartbroken souls could look to revisit old and comforting classics. Bingeing on favourite box sets can help to relieve anxiety by offering a familiar space. Box sets that have a more lighthearted and comedic flavour – like The Office US and Sex and the City – could be just what is needed at this time.

No matter what relationship stage you’re at this Valentine’s Day, NOW has a whole range of content, whatever your feelings towards the day. NOW Entertainment Members can enjoy critically acclaimed dramas, documentaries and comedies, Emmy award-winning shows, the best of HBO and exclusive Sky Originals for £9.99 per month. NOW Cinema Members can discover over 1000 brilliant movies, from the latest blockbusters to classic favourites also, for £9.99 per month.

Anjula Mutanda, TV Psychology, Mental Health and Relationship Expert, reveals the perfect Valentine’s pairings for each relationship stage:

First date classics:

Choosing the perfect movie or show for a first date is a delicate balance. You want something engaging to spark conversation, but also avoid awkwardness or overly specific genres that might reveal too much about yourselves too soon. For those on a first date, take it slow and consider classic comedies and light-hearted rom coms or dramas that offer some humour whilst still setting a cosy scene. This also gives you the opportunity to discover what you might have in common.

 Suggested content: Based on a True Story, Ticket to Paradise, No Hard Feelings, Trainwreck





The “What are We” Phase:

Giving relationships labels or making it ‘official’ can sometimes be a tricky conversation for some couples to have. So, for those who feel too scared to take the plunge or are trying to figure out if this is something they want to move forward with, watching movies that evoke emotion could help to instigate the conversation about next steps in the relationship. This could be deciding whether to make the move beyond the sofa, or helping them to call time on their relationship or situationship.

 Suggested content: A Good Person, Summerland, Dear John





Happily content phase:

When couples have been together for a while, the initial passion and intensity of the early stages of attraction undoubtedly changes over time. Feelings often transform into those of contentment, and by now, you have a pretty good understanding of each other’s likes and dislikes. So, you could have fun together by opting for the old classics that you both love, or opt for something new that vibes with you both, for a new bingeable adventure. With The Sopranos celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and House of the Dragon coming back for a second season later this year, now might be the perfect time to dive into these modern classics.

 Suggested content: True Detective, Succession, The Wire, The Sopranos, House of the Dragon

Recent Break-ups:

Healing from a breakup is a personal journey, and the right movie or TV show for you will depend on your current emotional state. However, all change can, at times, be difficult. Rewatching series that you’ve binged on before could be a real comfort when soothing a broken heart. Going for your favourite series could be cathartic and a positive step on your journey as you begin the healing process.

 Suggested content: The Office US, Sex and the City, Bridget Jones’s Diary




Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends is all about fun, friendship, and self-love. To help celebrate friendship, light-hearted movies and TV shows that are uplifting and empowering are the perfect choice for mate dates.

 Suggested content: The White Lotus, Julia, Book Club, The Next Chapter, I Wanna Dance with Somebody


The focus on couples on Valentine’s Day can often make those not in a relationship feel left out. But self-love and taking time for self-care is hugely important. It’s key to remember that it’s just another day of the year – and it’s also crucial to remember that you are never alone because you are always in a relationship with yourself. So, put yourself front and centre and create an authentic and comfortable space that is focused on being true to yourself and your needs. Choose content that you love: whether it’s something that puts a smile on your face or something that sparks intrigue.

 Suggested content: Big Little Lies, The Flight Attendant, No Hard Feelings

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