Reebok x Tyrone Brennand Workshop Leaves Mentee’s Feeling Pumped!

Last week, Reebok ambassador Tyrone Brennand has launched a brand-new mentorship initiative supported by Reebok. After signing with Reebok in 2018 and working with the brand on sports and fitness propositions, Tyrone Brennand’s latest venture is focused on upskilling improvised communities and individuals with aims of getting into the fitness industry as business owners.  

Having already selected his first mentees, Tyrone Brennand officially launched his ‘Be The Fittest  scheme on April 15th, with a series of workshops to follow until November 25th. Focused on themes such as business acumen and the fitness industry, finance management and keeping motivated, Brennand will supplement his classes with guest-speakers, additional reading, and interactive offline sessions to create a 360-learning experience for all participants as the scheme progresses.

Joined by entrepreneur and life coach Scott Alexander, the mentees left their inaugural workshop feeling motivated and “pumped” for future sessions.  Both excited and motivated about the programme’s commencement Tyrone Brennand notes both the economic climate and his aspirations for change, as quintessential reasons for launching the initiative.  

I want to help more young people to start their business and be successful in their wellness career/business in a time where unemployment is at its highest and to inspire them to teach and get more people fitter and healthier physically and mentally in the UK, he said of the scheme. In the current climate of rising inflation and unemployment rates dropping to pre-pandemic levels, Tyrone echoes his commitment to aiding in providing solutions to both employment and entrepreneurialism. 

Taking part in the programme are a group of enthusiastic individuals, all of which are eager to change their circumstances and add to the field of sports, fitness and wellbeing. From single mother Charly who is determined to empower women in the gym, to 27-year-old Louis, championing both physical and mental health, to life-coach and personal trainer Raluca, striving for autonomy and triumph in the gym, and Leonardo aiming to be a positive role model to those less fortunate than him. Lastly, 24-year old Daryl who wants to show others that the gym can be impactful and crucial in being a vehicle for change. Hand-selecting each participant, Tyrone  ensured that each were chosen based on their commitment to change, dedication and courage in overcoming difficult life circumstances.  

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