Rebecca Adlington: Follow in her footsteps and make a career switch

Olympic swimmer-turned TV presenter Rebecca Adlington is encouraging Britons who aren’t happy in their job to follow in her footsteps and make a career switch.

It comes after new research reveals the UK is home to millions of unsatisfied workers, as 63% of us don’t love our jobs. This has led to 39% of people now considering going back to college and undertaking further training to help them get their dream job.

However almost a third of people fear they’re too old to switch sectors, and a further one in ten worry they don’t have the right skills to do so.

Rebecca, who made the switch from professional swimmer turned TV presenter and who also has her own swim school proves it’s never too late to turn the page to a new chapter, and offers some helpful tips to people about distance learning:

Rebecca’s top tips
1. Set realistic expectations and goals
2. Carefully research the courses on offer, checking that they are independently accredited.
3. Chat to people in your interested industry to ensure the qualifications are relevant
4. Make sure the course provider has sufficient experience and back up to deliver your course properly
5. Check that personal tutor support is available throughout the course

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