Real Kombucha – the perfect alcohol alternative

We are well into November, and before we know it the festive season will be upon us. We know at this time of year it’s extremely easy to over indulge, and with all the parties, gatherings and trips to your local bars and pubs, it can be difficult to avoid alcohol.

While I’m a firm believer in enjoying yourself and reveling in the festivities, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to ply yourself with alcohol to have a good time with your friends, family and loved ones. In fact, we’ve found the perfect non-alcoholic drink to satisfy your cravings, and avoid the hangover.

Real Kombucha is a delicious non-alcoholic drink for anyone looking for a sophisticated alternative to wine. Real Kombucha is made using only three ingredients: high-end loose leaf tea, sugar, and a specially grown kombucha culture, giving the drink a range of complex and distinct flavours that are rare among non-alcoholic drinks. Impressively, after less than a year on the market, Real Kombucha is stocked in over 40 Michelin-starred restaurants, including The Fat Duck, L’Enclume and The Pig Hotels. Real Kombucha have also just announced that they are the first kombucha brand to be taken into a large UK pub chain (The Laine Pub Company) with over 50 pub locations in Brighton and London.

Real Kombucha comes in three flavours: Royal Flush, Dry Dragon, and Smoke House.

Royal Flush is brewed from First Flush Darjeeling. It is a delicate refreshing flavour with rich notes of raspberry and gooseberry, ideal as a celebration drink in the place of champagne and the perfect accompaniment to fish and white meats.

Dry Dragon is brewed from pan-fried Dragonwell Tea that has a complex nutty and straw like flavour, great as an all day pick me up and ideal with summer salads and fresh fruit.

Smoke House is brewed from smokey black tea from Yunnan and is rich, rounded and full of caramel with a smokey top note – similar to a light cider, complimenting robust meats, smoked food, as well as rich desserts.

Each bottle of Real Kombucha also contains less than 2% sugar and under 50 calories per bottle, with only natural flavourings released from the tea itself.  Founder of Real Komnucha, David Begg says, “We came at it from an area of sophistication, really focusing on the flavour perspective, realising that it could be an exquisite alcohol replacement for wines, ciders or real ales – delicious, complex, ferments with absolutely no need for secondary flavouring.”

Real Kombucha was established at the end of 2015 after founder David Begg discovered kombucha in his quest for an interesting alternative to wine. As a teetotalist himself, David missed the joy of pairing great wine with delicious food and increasingly began to notice that people choosing not to drink were not catered for in any serious manner. When a friend introduced him to an earthy, rich, oolong kombucha, David realised that the fermented drink could offer a real solution as a sophisticated alternative to wine. Master-brewer David gathered a founding team of specialists with a passion to change the way people drink, including nutrition innovator, Adrian Hodgson, and tea expert, Will Battle [the author of The World Tea Encyclopedia]. Together the team experimented with 150 different teas carefully selected from small gardens around the world to create fermentation at its finest: Real Kombucha 


Real Kombucha is available from £2.50 a bottle through (via Light Drinks and Borough Wines).
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