Relive the memories of your night out with FLASHGAP APP



Ready for yesterday? Flashgap App allows you to relive an unfiltered night out


Want to remember more about a night out without potentially horrifying your family on social media? The new app Flashgap will help you out.


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Flashgap was created by a group of twenty somethings who were inspired by the end credits of the film The Hangover. The app allows users to invite a group to share photos and videos taken throughout the night, but what makes this app so special is that the photos disappear instantly. They only become available to view at 12PM the following day when the app sends a photo album to all group members to enjoy. This set up doesn’t allow for any instagram filters to make you look or feel better, so you can relive the night for what it really was.


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Flashgap is currently available on the App Store and Google Play, or download it here:

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