Rail Strikes: How to stay fuelled on long journeys

The UK is currently undergoing the biggest train strike in three decades with only 20% of network services running on lines, Network Rail reported earlier this week. The effect of this has had a knock-off effect on commuters who have spent most of their day travelling or waiting on platforms without fuelling themselves properly.

In fact, a study from market leaders of nutritionally complete food, yfood, found that 40 per cent of Brits rely only on unhealthy junk foods whist out and about. Just because you’re on-the-go doesn’t mean you have to compromise a healthy diet, as there are a plethora of healthy snack options that are perfect for a long trip. Below, food-tech innovators yfood have outlined their top tips for staying fuelled whilst commuting:

  • Protein-rich drinks

If feeling lethargic between commutes and don’t want to be tempted by suboptimal snacking, protein-rich drinks such as shakes or supplements provide individual’s with a multi-nutrient alternative to a bag of crisps. Packed with all essential macronutrients, high protein drinks are excellent for an on-the-go energy boost and does not compromise your health. Commonly misinterpreted to be solely for the use of gym-goers, protein drinks are now widely being used amongst the general public to stay fuelled for longer.

  • Nutritionally complete foods/drinks

Nutritionally complete foods are on the rise. With rapidly growing companies such as yfood tripling their revenue in the past two years – the ‘smart food’ solution helps to fill the nutritional gaps in everyday life, with the primary focus of helping sustain a balanced diet in situations where a wholesome diet is not always possible. The food-tech innovators supply your body with 26 of your key essential nutrients in one drink, providing a practical meal alternative to those on the go.

  • Bananas

A tasty and healthy nutritional option to keep in your bag whilst on the go is a banana. Since they are low in water content but have rich quantities of sucrose, fructose and glucose alongside your essential fibre needs bananas are excellent for providing you with an instant yet sustained source of energy. Not only this, but they are rich in potassium which helps slow the digestion of the sugar, meaning consistent bursts of energy throughout your jam-packed day.

  • Nuts

We’ve all heard it before but nuts are essential in contributing to brain health – packed with concentrated amounts of healthy fat, protein, and fibre sustaining your mental focus for longer. Further to this, they also keep your stomach’s feeling fuller for longer which means less snacking in between meals. Given the finding from yfood’ research that 37% of Britons snack the most between lunch and dinner – nuts might be the best, healthy solution to carry with you!

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