Queen of Hoxton Rooftop WigWamBam

As far as winter/spring rooftops go, this one is the tops.


Queen of Hoxton is home to wintertime rooftop getaway WigWamBam’s Woodlandia. Nestled under the stars with fantastic views of East London and a drink in hand, you can enjoy the woodlands of Britain without freezing in the woodlands in the process.

WigWamBam is fixed with an oversized grill, a bar just outside, and the faint noises of wildlife that perfectly blend city life with country life. Candles and moss covered tree trunks add to the ambiance.


In addition to serving hot dishes and drinks, WigWamBam is also host to activities. There are origami, cocktail masterclass, and traditional cider tasting nights that anyone is able to attend.


WigWamBam will be around until May, so there is still time to visit before the summer rooftop takes over again.