To coincide with this weekend’s basketball All-Star game, PUMA Football will release the special edition MVP Pack to be worn by our biggest Basketball fans, Antoine Griezmann, and Romelu Lukaku.

Both players share a tremendous passion and admiration for the sport, with its stars, culture, and fashion all having an influence on their lives. Antoine Griezmann is a regular visitor to the US to watch games live in-person and has a basketball court in his garden. Romelu Lukaku has been a fan of basketball since childhood and has been seen shooting hoops with the likes of Thierry Henry.


This year’s All-Star game will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the design for the MVP pack is inspired by the local basketball franchise, with both the FUTURE and PUMA ONE boots featuring purple and orange with stars adorned on the outsoles.

PUMA FOOTBALL unveiled the PUMA FOOTBALL to be worn this weekend only by Antoine Griezmann and Romelu Lukaku, coinciding with the upcoming basketball All-Star game. The MVP Pack is available to buy from February 14th at uk.puma.com