Prince: Remembering a Legend

The death of music legend Prince, age 57, shocked the world in this unsuspected tragedy. He passed away at his estate in Chanhassen, Minnesota, and an autopsy is to be carried out on Friday, April 22, 2016.

When the word “prince” rolls off of anyone’s lips, the first thing to come to mind was Prince himself. The strong personality and broadly talented, Prince Rogers Nelson, left a mark not only in the music industry but that of film and fashion, becoming an icon for many generations. With a creative edge that set him apart in his music, Prince released over 40 studio albums, selling millions of records, winning several Grammy awards and in 2004, was introduced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The creative genius that flowed from his mind was undoubtedly enjoyable to many of all age groups and has left an impact on our lives, being a major music figure since the 1980s, through the 1990s and into the millennium.

In honor of Prince, Verge has picked our top favourite Prince moments.

Purple Rain
One of Prince’s most classic and well heard of hits, Purple Rain, became an instant cult classic. Apart from the song, Purple Rain was Prince’s first featured film and was loosely based on his life. He would later go on to winning an Oscar in 1985 for “Best Original Song.”

2007 Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show
Giving one of the best halftime performances in the history of halftime shows, Prince gave his all performing through a rain storm. His charisma and stage performance did not falter once during the storm and gave us a halftime show to remember, especially his performance of Puple Rain in the downpour.

2015 Grammys
When Prince walked out on stage to present the Artist of the Year award, people went ecstatic. It was refreshing to see the singer on stage sporting an all-orange glittering outfit.

New Girl
Prince showed his charisma and character on the famed comedy New Girl, and it was magical.

The Artist Formally Known as Prince
In 1993, Prince changed his name to his iconic symbol. The unpronounceable symbol came after a dispute with Warner Bros. over a disagreement between them wanting him to release fewer albums and the singer refused. Changing his name to the symbol allowed the artist to make music on his terms and in 2000, he changed his name back to Prince.

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