Premier League Pints: Where to get the cheapest pub pints

As the Premier League has now kicked off, football fans will be trading in their stadium seats for a seat in their local pub. But, depending on where you’re watching, you could be spending almost 80% more for a pint, according to new research.

The UK’s leading savings website,, analysed prices for the cheapest draft pints of lager and cider in pubs based near Premier League stadiums. The research finds that depending on your local, you could be paying up to 80% more to have a drink as you watch the action unfold.

Researching 20 pubs across the country that are broadcasting Premier League games, the Big Window in Burnley is selling the cheapest pint of lager for just £2.20. The most expensive of those analysed is found at The Chelsea Pensioner near Stamford Bridge, which will set you back £5.00 for their cheapest lager – a pint of Amstel or Fosters.


Price of cheapest pints at local Premier League pubs:


Football Club
City Pub name Cheapest lager Cheapest cider
Arsenal London World’s End Amstel – £4.60 Orchard Thieves – £5.05
Aston Villa Birmingham The Vine Inn Carlsberg – £2.90 Strongbow – £3.00
Brighton Brighton The Font Carling – £3.90 Strongbow – £4.15
Burnley Burnley Big Window Fosters – £2.20 Strongbow – £2.20
Chelsea London The Chelsea Pensioner Fosters/Amstel – £5 Symonds – £5
Crystal Palace London The Cricketer Fosters – £4 Strongbow – £4.10
Everton Liverpool The Winslow Tuborg – £3.20 Somersby Cider – £3.60
Fulham London Durell Arms Amstel – £4.75 Orchard Thieves – £5.15
Leeds United Leeds The Box Centre Leeds Coors – £4.60 Aspall – £4.60
Leicester City Leicester Counting House Carling – £3.20 Strongbow – £3.85
Liverpool Liverpool The Hope & Anchor Carling – £3.55 Magners – £4.10
Manchester City Manchester Second City Amstel – £4.20 Strongbow – £4.90
Manchester United Manchester The Tollgate Carlsberg – £2.65 Strongbow – £3.45
Newcastle United Newcastle The Strawberry Fosters – £3.70 Strongbow – £4.00
Sheffield United Sheffield Champs Bar Carling – £3.30 Strongbow – £3.30
Southampton Southampton Scholars Arms Carlsberg – £2.90 Strongbow – £4.10
Tottenham Hotspur London Elbow Room Carlsberg – £2.60 Strongbow – £2.85
West Brom Birmingham The Sportsman Club Carling – £3.10 Strongbow – £3.40
West Ham United London The Ball and Ball Amstel – £5 Orchard Thieves £5.10
Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolverhampton Hogshead Wolverhampton Carling – £3.65 Symonds £3.65


For the cider fans out there, 60% of pubs analysed offer Strongbow as their cheapest draught pint with prices varying by up to 57% depending on your chosen watering hole. Second City in Manchester charges £4.90 for a draught pint of Strongbow, whereas lucky Burnley residents can watch the game with the same drink for just £2.20.

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