Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts For The One You Love

In reality, buying your significant other a practical gift (or nothing at all) generally spells relationship Armageddon. After all, what person wants a pair of new oven gloves for Valentine’s Day when their friends are posting Insta-worthy photos of red roses and tickets or tickets for expensive minibreaks?

But let’s not forget that in a long-term relationship, practical often trumps romantic. Yes, wine, roses, and chocolates are lovely – but if you do that kind of thing on a regular basis, your significant other might appreciate something a bit more thoughtful (and useful) on Valentine’s Day. Since you’re reading this article, we reckon you’re probably in need of some inspiration.


Kitchen Gifts

OK, so the idea that a woman’s place is in the kitchen is both chauvinistic and outdated, but there are plenty of women (and men) who love to spend their free time cooking. This is part of the reason why shows such as the Great British Bake Off are TV gold.

That said, a kitchen-themed gift will probably be welcomed, as long as you don’t give your partner a new microwave or set of pans. Kitchen gifts with a romantic theme include a pink hearts apron, a matching pair of mugs, or red Valentine’s Day champagne glasses (with a bottle of champers, of course).

If this is a new relationship, it’s worth checking to see how compatible you two are in the kitchen. This ultimate kitchen utensil quiz from Wayfair is a fun way to check your compatibility. If you both know how to coddle eggs, it’s a match!


Bedroom Gifts

The bedroom can inspire both practical and romantic presents. Just be careful to err on the right side.

A new bed linen set is practical but also romantic if you opt for the right set. Rather than a deeply practical brushed cotton set in plain white, look for some stylish satin sheets in crimson red or black. Splurge on high-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets or a designer throw. You can surprise your partner by making up the bed and laying a trail of rose petals from the front door to the bedroom. If it all goes well, the new bed linen will soon be on the floor!

Why not accessorise the bedroom with some string fairy lights too?


Hobby Gifts

Anyone in a long-term relationship is probably familiar with their partner’s hobbies. From cycling to art, most of us have at least one hobby we love to spend time doing. This can give you some handy pointers if you’re stuck for ideas this Valentine’s Day.

For example, pay close attention if your partner expresses an interest in a new gadget or something they need. Yes, a new padded seat for their bike isn’t romantic, but they are likely to appreciate it a lot more than a box of chocolates. You can always double up and get both (and score more Brownie Points in the process).

Another option is to combine their hobby with a romantic weekend break, such as a painting holiday somewhere scenic. That’s sure to go down well.

Let us know what gift you buy for your partner!

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