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Gone are the days of shapewear being something to shy away from and be embarrassed about. Forget panty girdles and restrictive, claustrophobic, bulky corsets that you could barely move in. Times have changed, and so has shapewear.

These days, it isn’t simply about appearing slimmer and sucking you in, but instead it’s about giving you confidence and that extra va-va-voom that we all need from time to time. It enhances and accentuates the body to give your clothes a smoother, seamless fit enabling you to ooze self-assurance without being distracted by whether your clothes are clinging to places you’d rather they didn’t. The secret to a great looking outfit after all, is the underwear beneath it that ensures it sits and fits as it should.

With celebrities including the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Stewart, Gigi Hadid and Gwyneth Paltrow openly declaring their love of shapewear for the red carpet, there has been a monumental growth in its popularity, with new brands and stores rushing to get in on this rapidly expanding market.

But is shapewear for everyone? Is the hype to be believed? For most of us, the likelihood of gliding down the red carpet in a couture gown for a blockbusting film premier, is pretty slim (albeit not completely impossible). However, the chicness and elegance of the stars need not be something that’s limited to the elite few. With the right shapewear in place, anyone can bring the stand-out panache of celebrity style and sass to their everyday life.

As more and more brands emerge, it can be hard to know what to look for in this area as it’s certainly not the case that all shapewear is created equal. Shapewear should never make you feel constricted or uncomfortable, but instead it should fit like a second skin.  Thankfully, Maidenform does just that. Named as one of the go-to brands and with a long history in the industry, Maidenform really does stand out as understanding exactly what it is that shapewear needs to do and breaks down the idea that it is something for a special occasion only.

The focus of any day should be the day’s activities. Your clothes and chosen look should serve to give you confidence and the ability to go on with your business without worrying about VPL and other such nuisances which can make you self-conscious regardless of how small an issue it can seem to anyone else. If you’ve ever tried shapewear, you may be familiar with how the experience can be very hit and miss; be it waistbands that roll down, elasticated edges that dig in and create a whole new set of problems, as well as the rigid tight, sweaty fabrics which just about allow you space to breathe, let alone conduct a whole day of work and play. Then there’s the issue of getting the stuff on. You’ve no doubt seen the videos of women trying to pull on the teeniest ‘suck it all in’ control pants and needing the combined skills of a contortionist and gymnast to get them on, followed by a hammer and chisel to prise it off. Thankfully, there are no gymnastics involved with Maidenform and there’s a wide range of garments to suit all shapes, sizes, needs and wants as I found out for myself after road testing a few pieces.

Let’s start with the Maidenform Sleek Smoother bodysuit. It does exactly what the name suggests. It sleeks and smooths and is by far my favourite item out of all the undergarments I own. The beautiful, buttery soft fabric literally glides over the skin making it easy to get on and easy to get off. The delicate feel of the fabric may lead you to doubt its effectiveness, but a hidden inner layer gives a smooth, light support making it a perfect canvas for any outfit. Imagine this to be like foundation, but instead of it being for your face, it’s for your body and gives you the starting point for building up your look. The Sleek Smoother has flat finished edges with no elastic for a seamless silhouette and the cool comfort fabric means that you stay comfortable all day without feeling like you’ve been confined to a sauna fully clothed. You can also wear your favourite bra with the bodysuit, whilst not adding extra bulk under your clothes. It gets maximum kudos from me.

And it doesn’t stop there. After a year of postponed occasions finally getting back underway, those slinky, elegant pieces will be making some firm appearances but also cause the age-old problem of not having the right underwear to allow for open backs and enough movement to feel confident of no wardrobe malfunctions occurring. The Cover Your Bases bodysuit definitely has your back when it comes to this. Made with luxurious ‘glide on’ fabric, Cover Your Bases boasts a low back and a halter neck style front with straps that can be adjusted in a multitude of ways.  It really does cover all bases and fills in where standard underwear makes no impact. In fact this bodysuit looks and feels so good, it could even pass off as outerwear with some careful styling, a few bold accessories and a blazer on top.

If you’re after somethings that can give a little more hold, then the Maidenform Firm Foundations bodysuit is your perfect match. Offering both a full bodysuit and a wear your own bra version, Firm Foundations allows you to dazzle with its smoothing, lifting and supporting features whilst accentuating your natural outline with minimum fuss. This makes it the perfect choice for those more structured outfits as it gives a firmer finish.

Maidenform packs a powerful punch in the shapewear space. In addition to bodysuits they also make a wide range of smoothing camisoles and shorts of varying lengths, as well as briefs and thongs to suit your individual vibe. They provide you with comfort, confidence and self-assurance allowing you to focus on what you’re doing, rather than what you’re wearing and that’s definitely not something to shy away from. So is shapewear really all it’s hyped up to be? Maidenform makes it a firm yes from me.

Maidenform is stocked in department stores, Amazon and good fashion retailers.

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