Plenty recruit for the best pet job in the world

Plenty has announced the appointment of three new recruits, for National Pet Month this April 2021. Fulfilling the role of ‘Chief Mess Makers,’ Dante the Cat and dogs Marley & Mabel possibly have the best job in the world – to make as much mess as possible!

With pets, comes chaos and mess – whether it’s mucky pawprints on the freshly cleaned floor, fur covered jumpers or stains on the new carpet. Dante the Cat is known for sleeping in plant pots and slurping milk whilst Marley & Mabel are happiest when covered from head-to-toe in mud after a walk – but the truth is, we wouldn’t have it any other way because we love our pets! Whether it’s their loveable antics or a viral meme, they always know how to make us laugh and smile.

Plenty celebrates that love is messy especially when it comes to our favourite animals because when products like NEW Plenty Power X (with patented technology) are wettable, wringable and scrubbable they can stand up to any yucky, icky mess, making cleaning up after our loveable companions a lot easier. Everything from carpets, sofas and duvets come up when googling, ‘How to clean cat wee off…’ and searching for answers on how to tackle muddy paws shows we’re looking for ways to clean them out of car seats and beds! The love we have for our pets comes with the acceptance that they will make a mess – and we’re a lot more forgiving of this when they’re so cute!

Plenty UK Marketing Director, Nicola Coronado, says:

We can’t wait to see what kind of fun Dante the Cat and Marley & Mabel get up to and the mess they make along the way. At Plenty we celebrate love that’s worth the mess because our products are strong enough to deal with whatever comes along, meaning there’s more time for playing, having fun and making memories with our beloved pets.”

Plenty is also calling for the nation to enter their own pets in for the chance of being the next Chief Mess Makers. Find out more here.


Here are Plenty’s Top Tips For Tackling The Most Common Pet Mess:

  • Dog hair everywhere? Simply dampen a Plenty paper towel with water (don’t soak it completely) and lay it across the areas caked in fur. Once the towel has sucked up all the hairs, simply dispose of it in the bin (top tip – you can also spritz a little bit of hairspray onto one side of a paper towel and it’ll have the same effect)
  • Keep Plenty Handy Towels right by the front door and in the car. That way you’ll always have the chance to wipe your pet down before they’re let loose on seats or sofas
  • Plenty sheets are strong when wet, so use a moistened sheet when wiping down dirty paws and remember to pay close attention to the areas in between the toes and around the nails. Consistent cleaning will also help prevent the build-up of bacteria and infection
  • If your pet has just peed on the carpet, grab a wet sheet of Plenty quickly (we’d recommend you have a pack of stylish Plenty Handy Towels in every room at risk!) and blot the stain. Mix a small amount of detergent (no more than half a teaspoon) with a cup of warm water and spray the solution all over the stain area. Use Plenty to scrub and soak up the mixture, then rinse the area thoroughly until the stain disappears.
  • Pet urine smell offending your living room? Blot the pee stain with a sheet of Plenty to soak up as much as you can (Plenty is 40% more absorbent than other brands). Dust some baking soda over the area and let it sit. Mix together equal parts of white vinegar and water, then spray/pour this over. Leave for five minutes, then continue to blot with the wet sheet of Plenty until the stain has gone.
  • Plenty sheets are 100% recyclable. Remember to always bin the sheets after use and never flush them down the toilet

Read more tips on how to tackle pet mess here.

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