Plant-based snacks and sides for Veganuary

The New Year is around the corner and with not long left before the end of 2020 people are beginning to think about their New Year’s resolutions again. These typically focus on healthy eating and exercise, but citizens around the nation eating meat-free and plant-based meals for the month with Veganuary has become increasingly popular.

Wall’s Pastry and Pork Farms, the trusted bakers of feel-good favorites such as sausage rolls, slices and pies, have a variety of tasty vegan treats. Designed to make the transition to plant-based even easier, both brands have launched plant-based alternatives over the past two years to target the increasing numbers of flexitarian and health-conscious customers.

This year we saw a record 400,000 sign-ups to the Veganuary campaign and to help you get ahead in 2021 a range of chilled savoury snacks, designed to be fast, tasty, and convenient fridge staples, are now offered by the market-leading brands.

Super easy pies and sides

It doesn’t mean you have to abandon your beloved classic British meals to be part of Veganuary. October saw the launch of “Porkless” Pork Pie by Pork Farms, which features plant-based meat substitute pea protein combined with seasoning and encased in a mouth-watering hot water crust pastry, following the lead of Wall’s Pastry.

To create a snack that delivers on taste, using the perfect protein source to mimic the typical pork pie flavors, Pork Farms’ team of creative chefs created this tasty alternative protein only with a plant-based twist. Enjoy with a side of mushy peas and mint sauce or recreate a classic Ploughman’s lunch,

A perfect vegan pack-up

When lunchtime rolls around these super tasty plant-based snacks will be sure to get you excited. Without your favourite condiment, no savoury pastries would be complete; simply serve with a dipping sauce or chutney for a delicious satisfying lunch.

 Full range of vegan products available below 

Wall’s Pastry


Pork Farms