How to: plan the perfect summer party

How to: Plan the Perfect Summer Party

Here are tips from Homesense for planning your next summer soiree with exclusive tips from event planner Dani Tucker at the Social Kitchen. Homesense, which is part of the TK Maxx family, has all of the essentials for your next party, which you can find here.

  1. Clean things up

No one wants to sit around a dirty patio. Dust off your broom and lawn mower, wipe down the chairs and tables, and take the time to finally get rid of the weeds you’ve been avoiding looking at for weeks. If you have extra time, use a pressure hose to wash off the area.

  1. Pick up some potted plants

Potted plants will add color to your garden, and can be used as a sneaky way to hide those areas you can’t ever seem to get clean. Homesense has tons of different pots, so you can pick similar colors to keep the focus on the plants, or bright, contrasting pots to add some vibrancy to the space.

  1. Fragrant flowers

‘Tis the season for fresh flowers and herbs. Plant an herb wall or garden that will not only smell amazing, but add fresh ingredients to your cooking and cocktails. If you’re feeling creative, you could purchase a ladder or bookshelf from Homesense to use as a decorative plant holder.

  1. Turn up the lights

String lights, storm lanterns, candles and twinkly lights can all create great mood lighting for nighttime parties. Battery operated and solar-powered lights mean that there’s no need for extension cords. Use twinkly lights for a more fun atmosphere, and lanterns if you’re aiming for it to be a little more romantic.

  1. Heating things up

As it’s impossible to predict what the English weather will do, investing in patio heaters or having a fire pit will provide a layer of security (and warmth). Grab some brightly colored throw blankets from Homesense that will double as decoration and a blanket if it’s chilly.

  1. Add some accessories

Accessories are a chance to show off your taste, and build a theme for the party. Use scatter cushions and rugs to distract from old furniture, and if you’re going for a rustic vibe, Dani Tucker advises to place lemon and orange halves and whole artichokes around the center of your table.

  1. Drinks

Have something for everyone, from creative cocktails for adults to soda and juice for kids. Use large drink dispensers to keep drinks cool, and allow guests to easily get more. For a refreshing twist, use frozen fruit instead of ice, and fill a wheelbarrow with ice and then place drinks on top.

  1. What’s cooking?

Food is one of the most important parts of every party. If you have a lot of guests coming, and a lot of food being served, use a large blackboard or paint a tall piece of wood black and write out the menu.

  1. Mix it up

Create a toppings station and use small dishes for guests to customize their burgers and hotdogs with more than just ketchup and mustard. Colorful wine glasses and dishes can hold small finger foods like olives or veggies, and a wide hat could be a chip “bowl.”

  1. Don’t let your guests leave empty handed

There’s no way you’ll be able to finish all of that leftover food by yourself, so send them off with some leftovers, or get some small baskets at Homesense to use as party gift bags.

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