Pineapple and Papaya: Summer’s Secret Skin Savers from Grip the Mat


The sun is peeking out, sweaters are peeling off and skin is showing. Despite efforts to be vigilant and protect it by applying sunscreen, post-winter skin has no chance against Apollo’s mighty wrath… Unless approached properly!

Sun exposure offers unparalleled benefits like Vitamin D absorption, enhanced energy through endorphin release, and an excuse to slip into a bathing suit and head to the beach with your friends.


However, its harmful rays can cause irreversible damage.

To stay healthy and damage free this summer, here’s what you need to do: limit your sun exposure, wear sunscreen, hydrate by drinking plenty of water and eat plenty of pineapple and papaya. Yes, pineapple and papaya. Not only do these tropical fruits keep your belly healthy and happy by offering delicious hydration, filling fiber and vital minerals, but their unique enzymes help keep skin clear and glowing. Here’s how:

Pineapple is a Vitamin C rich fruit. This helps the production of collagen, keeping the skin firm and elastic. In addition, pineapple cores are loaded with Bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme that reduces swelling and removes dead and damaged tissue after a burn. It even aids the body in fat removal.

Papaya is rich in Vitamin A and the Papain, a protein processing enzyme found only in this fruit. These important nutrients help reduce wrinkles, fade brown spots and exfoliate roughness. Papaya is also very low in sodium, leaving your skin with all the brilliance and none of the bloat.

Blend them in this deliciously nutritious smoothie for a summer snack that will leave even your pores smiling.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A handful of leafy greens of your choice (we recommend spinach). The fiber in greens will keep you feeling full and satisfied. In addition, dark greens are full of beta carotene and powerful antioxidant that will sustain your glow all summer long.
  • One banana (frozen). This not only adds an exquisite texture to the smoothie, but also a quick energy boost for you! Bananas are full of vitamins C and B6, essential for maintaining skin elasticity. Also, the manganese and antioxidants in this fruit help protect you skin against free radicals and therefore prevent premature aging.
  • A scoop of papaya. Get that Bromelain!
  • A scoop of pineapple. Punch in some Papain!
  • Liquid of your choice (we recommend almond milk).
  • As with all smoothies, add a scoop of hemp, chia or flax seeds for an extra kick of fiber and energy.


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