Perfect The Selfie With Podo!

Tired of the selfie stick trend and looking for a new and improved way to execute the perfect selfie? Podo is the answer! Founders Eddie Lee, Sam Pullman and Jae Hoon Choi, friends from university came up with an idea for a stick and shoot camera which connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth so you are always in control of the shot.


I chatted to Co-founder Eddie Lee and discussed this exciting new product which is due to be available for delivery to the UK from August.

While the co-founders were all friends at university and always taking pictures, sharing captured moments on Instagram, someone was always left out – they wanted a way to make sure they got everyone in the shot and still managed to get a great photo; and thus PodoLabs was born. Once they realised it was a product they wanted, they soon found many other people did too. The project has been in production for 2 years now and is proving to be hugely popular and in demand with the public. As a small company, donations from supporters caused a huge step forward and the company managed to reach the initial crowd funding target within 16 hours. Now surpassing the amount by almost 7 times, Podo is looking toward a bright future.

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With an 8mp sensor, Podo is like an extension of the camera on your smartphone, capturing quality photos comparable to top smart phones. Using a micro suction pad, you can turn any surface into a photobooth as Podo quickly sticks and unsticks to most surfaces, although works best if the surface is smooth and flat. It can be stuck on walls, ceilings, lampposts and so on, eliminating the limitation of your arms reach to take a picture. With a selfie stick, almost every photo is the same, you get no diversity or variation with your images whereas with a Podo camera you can alter every shot; distance, close ups, various angles – the possibilities are endless.

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The app also gives you complete control of your images, while the wireless Bluetooth feature means you can preview the picture first and your photos will stream instantly to your phone. You can then edit and upload to whichever social media sites you usually use, or of course just keep them private in your camera roll. There is a self-timer feature which allows you to get ready for the photo or you can just take a quick instant pic.

“Your face is the easiest and most important way to communicate”

Eddie told me about what the future holds for the camera itself, with new colours and prints in the pipe line they want to make it as fun and individual as possible; not too techy but vibrant and personal to its owner. It is currently available in red or blue, with recent additions being black and a white with champagne gold features. They also have plans to create in-app updates, improving the use of the camera without having to purchase a new one.

podo colors

This is a unique and impressive concept; one that I believe truly will not only rival the selfie stick, but also win.  I am so excited to get my hands on one and create great images that are not limited to just the length of my arm or how far I can stretch. You’ll never have to ask strangers to take your picture again! You can do it all in a moment’s notice; it’s about living in the moment and capturing life in an effortless, quick snap.

I asked Eddie where the name Podo comes from, and he told me that when they were trying to think up the perfect name, they were throwing ideas around thinking what it reminds them of: what foods, Disney characters, anything. The word Grape cropped up quite a few times; as it’s small and cute. The word Podo is Korean for grape, which is lucky because it kind of rhymes with the word photo. – Clever thinking!

podo kickstarter

Podo is retailed at $89 which makes it roughly £60
You can order a Podo online and check out their kickstarter page now!

Get behind the project and look forward to revamping your Instagram account and facebook uploads!

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