Patience is wearing thin with FIFA

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If you’ve got a Netflix account and love football, then there’s a very good chance that you have a low opinion of FIFA after the release of the subscription service’s recent documentary on the organisation. Without getting into the nuts and bolts of what was broadcast, it’s fair to say that FIFA is not covered in glory by the end of the four-part series which ultimately plots the rise of certain individuals at the top of the organisation.

The spotlight will soon shine on FIFA like it never has before

The timing of Netflix’s release was intriguing given that it coincides with the World Cup being played in Qatar. Ordinarily, this would be a time of unrestrained joy in the football world but, tellingly, large parts of the globe are somewhat subdued. Perhaps this is less so in places like Brazil given that the latest betting prediction on football with regard to who might win the World Cup place the Samba boys as the outright favourites at odds of 10/3. Of course, it’s entirely possible that overall interest will peak once the tournament gets going and there’s very little wrong with that; football should be enthusiastically celebrated and so should different cultures.

However, when the last plane carrying footballers leaves Doha a week before Christmas and the leagues resume around the world, there will undoubtedly be serious questions asked about FIFA and whether they are the right custodians to guard over the beautiful game. It’s important to say that these concerns wouldn’t have just arisen from Netflix’s documentary. The streaming giant is, after all, in the business of entertainment which means that objectivity should always be encouraged when the credits begin to roll on any investigative piece they do. Rather, these misgivings go back to the closed shop that has been in place at the top of the organisation for many decades and whether football’s interests are being adequately served by those in it.



In short, many people would say that as things stand, they aren’t, which is why FIFA is, for all intents and purposes, open to a takeover by a rival body. Whilst that may be sensational to read, you only need to look at the emergence of LIV Golfand the successful coup it has staged on the PGA Tour to know that global sport is in a time of significant transition where new rules are being written.



Indeed, the tours and organisations of yesteryear are being replaced by novel ideas that care very little for history or tradition.

Winter is coming for FIFA

Typically, you would imagine that owing to the size of FIFA, they would be able to stand in the howling winds of change that will blow at some stage or other, however, they have left themselves vulnerable to being toppled after years of putting their own needs before that of football.

There were always going to be consequences to these actions and it wouldn’t be misleading to say that radical change is coming in football, just how or when is the only question that remains.

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