Paris Fashion Week: Weirdest of the Runway

Paris Fashion Week: a display of current trends? Or a big event in which famous designers put forth outlandish styles that will never leave the runway to enter our closets?

Judging from some of these photos, I’d argue in favor of the latter. You can judge for yourself. Below are some of the most… interesting… looks from Paris’s haute couture shows that took place July 5-10:


old 1

This is a dress that certainly turns heads.  It is from Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection.  For all feather, hat, and attention lovers, it is a must-have.



Have you ever liked a painting so much that you wanted to just tear it off the wall and wear it, frame and all? Yeah, me neither.


stripes and hat

This dress is a particularly good one for the other short people in the world like me.  The striking striped hat gives you an extra foot of height—you might even have to duck when entering rooms.



Maison Margiela Fall Winter 2015 Fashion Show in Paris

It’s not easy being green.  The shoulder lump doesn’t help.  Neither does the sharp indent in the side of the dress that makes it look as though the model is being sawed in half.



Can’t decide which dress to wear? Here’s an idea: how about you cut both dresses in half and then stitch them together? That’s what Charli XCX appeared to do for Paris Fashion Week. Just take the two poofiest dresses you can find—don’t worry about matching colors—and tada! You have one very unique dress.

So the designers of Haute Couture–Paris really gave us some art to look at. The Paris display may be over, but now attention has transferred to New York for Men’s Fashion Week. If the New York exhibition is anything like the Paris one, viewers will surely learn much about what new looks will grab the most attention.



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