Tiger Beer has announced its collaboration with fashion designer, Izzy Du, known for revolutionising outerwear in London, to create the world’s first puffer jacket with a beer-powered cooling system made specifically to keep you cool in tropical heat. So, finally people all over the world, regardless of the weather, can enjoy this fashion staple!

Puffers have become one of Gen Z’s hottest obsessions across the world, inspired by celeb-approved styles and iconic runway looks – but in Tiger Beer’s home region of Asia, the tropical heat means this wardrobe must-have is a no-go.

In partnership with a brand known for defying the odds, Izzy Du and Japanese tech firm, Whatever Co., were challenged to create the TIGER Summer Puffer; a winter statement jacket that can be worn in any climate, including tropical locations. In response, the pair have conjured up a big, bold and bright orange coloured puffer, paying homage to a tiger, and featuring the first-of-its-kind beer-powered cooling system, fuelled by ice-cold Tiger Beer.

The innovative cooling system uses the cold beer to chill water which is then pumped around the wearer’s body via a network of tubes. These tubes make contact with key points where the arteries are closest to the skin, cooling the body down by up to 5° Celsius in the sun. Now, anyone and everyone can feel and look cool regardless of their location!

Having cooled people down by brewing refreshing beer in Asia since 1932, now Tiger Beer is expanding its cooling range by making a limited run of this must-have wearable fashion tech available for the Summer and Spring collections.

Chinese Canadian designer, Izzy Du has been making waves in the world of puffer fashion with voluminous forms and unrepeatable originality. It is her bold vision and unique creative aesthetic that makes her a perfect fit for Tiger Beer, a brand that believes in pushing the boundaries of what is possible and attempting the unthinkable.

Making a puffer for the summer is an external expression of how refreshing and cool it feels to drink a Tiger. I started with the feeling of opening an ice-cold can of beer, and playing with the colours of Tiger Beer, before imbuing the aesthetics of the puffer with a new function.”

Izzy Du

Izzy Du will be showcasing her current collection at a pop-up in Paris from the 1st to the 3rd of October 2023 during Paris Fashion Week. Here, fashion enthusiasts can discover the TIGER Summer Puffer’s vibrant, confident orange hue, unmistakable silhouette and cooling capabilities. With the hood drawing inspiration from tiger ears and featuring added fang details, the subtle striped pattern effortlessly creates a fierce look.

The TIGER Summer Puffer statement jacket, featuring the world’s first beer-powered cooling system, can be experienced first-hand in Paris at Izzy Du’s pop-up, during Paris Fashion Week at 127 rue de Turenne. After then, those wishing to experience the most sought-after Gen Z obsession will have to wait until the spring 2024.

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