Pan Pancake Day and celebrate the Yorkshire Pudding instead?


Pancake Day has too long been dominated by pancakes. Made from three simple ingredients – milk, eggs and flour, Plusnet believes there is only one true way to use these ingredients, and that is in the form of the humble Yorkshire Pudding.

The unsung hero of the roast, the gallant holder of gravy and the beacon of all things right with the world. To celebrate the pudding in all its glory, Plusnet is on a mission to get the nation to pan Pancake Day this Tuesday (5th March) and champion the Yorkshire Pudding instead.

Inspired by their proud Yorkshire heritage, the communications provider is calling out pudding fans far and wide to join their movement and toss out the pancakes in favour of the fluffy, humble pud.

To help celebrate the crusade for total Yorkshire Pudding domination, Plusnet will be giving away exclusive Batter Deserves Better campaign t-shirts and badges on their Facebook and Twitter pages from Monday onwards.

On the brand’s home turf, Sheffield locals can join in by grabbing their own Yorkshire Pudding themed t-shirts and badges from Plusnet’s Pudding Promoters at Fargate from 9am to midday.

Plusnet CEO Andy Baker said: “We’re proud of our Yorkshire roots here at Plusnet and Yorkshire Puddings are one of our region’s most famous exports. For too long pancakes have monopolised the batter battle and we wanted to level the playing field on their biggest day of the year!”

So, this Pancake Day, take a stand and ditch the pancake for the Yorkshire Pudding. Because batter deserves better.