It’s safe to assume, that this year we have a very different Christmas in store. According to a recent research from the leading savings platform, Voucher Codes, over a fifth of Brits are planning to give face masks or hand sanitiser to family and friends – definitely not the normal stocking fillers.

More than a third of the British (38%) believe that people would ask for more useful products over the indulgent stuff they would normally have on their lists at this time of year the latest report finds. 

Nearly a fifth of Brits are even planning to purchase items this year as Christmas gifts that would never usually be considered Christmas presents (17%). As the holiday season approaches, we expect to see an uptick in useful gifts such as face masks (22%) and hand sanitiser (21%) alongside the normal stocking fillers ). It’s practical, though, and then there’s a toilet roll and dry pasta. No this is not a joke, these are going to appear up and down the country in stockings with 19 percent claiming toilet paper is on their gift list this year, along with dry pasta (12%) and even canned food items (10%). 


2020 stocking fillers:


Item % of people buying as a gift
Face masks 22%
Hand sanitiser 21%
Toilet paper 19%
Dry pasta 12%
Rubber gloves 10%
Canned food items 10%


Liverpool and Birmingham are most likely to gift a face mask to their loved ones (31%), while those in Leicester choose toilet roll as their practical stocking filler of choice (26%). However some cities are still searching for more conventional presents, as nearly three-quarters (71%) of Newcastle individuals say they won’t buy any practical gifts, not even as a joke!

There has been a change in the products we’ve been stocking up on as a country since the pandemic. New product patterns have been generated by the increase of people working from home and general lockdown lives, and it seems like this is set to change how we offer gifts this Christmas. On Christmas Day, one in 20 people said they would like a Zoom subscription from Santa and 6 percent were hoping for a bread maker. However it comes as no surprise that the ‘lockdown comforts’ most in demand make it to the top of the wish lists including some new loungewear (12%) and workout gear (10%).


Popular items from the pandemic expected on this year’s Christmas lists:


Rank Item %
1. Leisure/casualwear 12%
2. Gym clothes or shoes 10%
3. Alcohol subscription 9%
4. Jigsaw 9%
5. Streaming service subscription 9%
6. DIY tools 9%
7. Bedding 9%
8. Bike 8%
9. Home workout equipment e.g. kettlebells/dumbbells 8%
10. Food box subscription 7%


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