Our Top Picks: New Film Releases

It is almost time for April, which means it is time for some amazing new films to be released in cinemas. There will be drama, action, and a collection of attractive actors who will make you incredibly happy that you took the time to actually go to a theater and watch some movies.

If you are looking for a heartfelt drama check out The Woman in Gold, ironically opening on April Fools Day. Starring Dame Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds, The Woman in Gold follows the true story of Maria Altmann, Holocaust survivor living in Los Angeles who fought the Austrian government for nearly ten years to reclaim ownership of Gustav Klimt’s paining of her aunt, titled “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I”. Mirren portrays Altmann, while Reynolds plays her younger lawyer E. Randol Schoenberg, and the two play off one another beautifully. The touching story follows Altmann’s struggle to regain the painting over her beloved aunt that was stolen from her relatives by Nazi’s just before World War II, and the plot even covers the case making its way to the Supreme Court of the United States. This is a step away from the usual material Reynolds is a part of, so it will great to see the young actor get a chance to stretch his acting abilities.


Another anticipated drama hitting theaters soon is The Longest Ride, another adaptation to a Nicholas Spark’s novel. Starring Britt Robertson, Scott Eastwood, Melissa Benoist, and Jack Huston, the film revolves around the love story of Sophia, a New York bound college grad, and Luke, a former champion bull rider looking to make a comeback. Coming from two very different backgrounds and lifestyles, the pair are unable to see the infinite benefits of their relationship until their meet a man named Ira, who shares the story of his decades long romance with his own wife. What is looking to be another tear jerker from Nicholas Sparks, The Longest Ride is the perfect dramatic film for those looking to remind themselves of the enormous power of love, opening in cinemas on 10 April.

the longest ride

Drama is not for everyone, which is why fans of the amazing Fast & Furious film series are so lucky this week. After months and months of waiting, Friday 3 April is finally the day when Furious 7 hits theaters. The final installment of the Fast & Furious film series, the all start cast contains several fan favorites, including Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, and the late Paul Walker. Not only are fans of the series emotional because this is the final film, but after the tragic death of Paul Walker in November of 2013, thousands have been waiting for Furious 7 because it marks Walker’s final performance. Acting as a sequel to Fast & Furious 6, the film’s plot follows the Furious crew as they begin leading normal lives, but as always, something goes wrong. For anyone who likes fast cars, big explosions, and crazy amounts of action, Furious 7 is a film they cannot miss.


Once again, this week has some amazing film options to go and see. So grab some friends, head to your local theater, and see some movies!

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