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If you are one of the many sufferers with problematic skin, with issues such as acne that can get us down, I’m sure there are so many products and promising solutions you will have tried and perhaps not have received the results you wanted. Organic skin care is probably one of the best ways to target problems with our skin as it will only contain natural ingredients that won’t be too harsh on delicate and sensitive areas.

Green people have created a set of products aimed at young adults with blemish prone skin to help combat problems such as adult acne naturally and effectively. The Blemish control kit includes a foaming face wash, an anti-blemish moisturiser and a concealing spot treatment to apply straight on the affected area after completing the first two steps in your routine. The cleansing foam face wash is soap free and gentle on the skin, removing excess makeup and oil. Although it doesn’t foam that much, it still works effectively to rebalance and nourish. The moisturiser keeps skin feeling comfortable and healthy by combatting skin bacteria and balancing the oil levels in your skin. Lastly the concealer attempts to calm, soothe and clear your unwanted spots whilst providing coverage.

The key plant ingredients in these products are Witch Hazel, Rose Geranium, Willow Bark, Prebiotics & Pineapple, meaning there are no harsh unnatural chemicals which could effectively make your skin worse. Out of the three products featured in the kit, the moisturiser is my favourite; it keeps my skin feeling soft and healthy while also helping to combat my problematic skin in conjunction with the rest of my skincare routine. It also creates a lovely base for makeup application. As adults, when we have skin that we feel isn’t quite perfect, I’m sure we all often wonder why our problematic skin is continuing to haunt us past our teenage years. I wanted to find some great products that would help and give us some relief and possibly clear up acne prone skin for good. I feel as though organic skin care is one of the best solutions to this problem, hugely because of the lack of harsh chemicals with the calming and soothing natural ingredients replacing them unlike some other big name brands that claim to help with these skin issues.

I would recommend using Green People products because with 17 years of experience in natural skin care, award winning ranges and certified organic products, the company ethos is to provide skin care that really does work to nourish and protect your body. Shop their ranges now online at



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