Nike release new National Federation Kits ahead of summer tournaments

Nike has released its latest National Federation kits, taking a prismatic approach to refreshing the colour scheme for each.

The release sees Nike Federation’s strips including Brazil, England, France and more, take on a fresh approach to traditional colour palettes through the lens of light and movement. This allowed each federation’s colour palette to be pushed in a unique direction, while staying true to each country’s aesthetic identity.

In addition to their design, the 2024 Federation Kits are tailored to provide mobility, breathability and venting so athletes can perform at their peak during this summer’s tournaments.

All Federation kits are powered by Nike’s performance apparel, Dri-FIT ADV. Dri-FIT ADV has been created through data measured using advanced body-mapping technology as part of research conducted in the Nike Sport Research Lab (NSRL).

The men’s collection will be released on March 21, and the women’s collection releases in June 2024 via

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