Niall Horan Presents Soothing Sleep Narration for World Mental Health Day

International superstar, Niall Horan, in partnership with Ireland’s leading athleisure brand, Gym+Coffee, has today announced a guided sleep narration for World Mental Health Day (October 10th).

The special mindfulness audio is part of Gym+Coffee’s commitment to its community to Make Life Richer after it hosted +Pause, a sanctuary in southeast London (Menier Penthouse, SE1 1UN) between 7th – 9th October to unwind, recharge and prioritise wellbeing.

Niall, famous for his singing, will use his dulcet tones to help listeners sleep easier with a script written by an extreme sleeping outdoors adventurer and expert storyteller, Phoebe Smith. In recent studies, the Irish accent was regarded as the second most popular ASMR selection for YouTube videos1 and the most attractive2 with many feeling calmer and more prepared to dream when listening.

Currently 1 in 3 Brits suffer from poor sleep, with stress, computers and working from home often blamed3. Consistently struggling to sleep and interrupted dreaming can cause serious medical conditions, like clinical depression, anxiety disorders and shorter life expectancy4. Achieving a great quality of sleep can help to boost mental wellbeing and with those suffering from anxiety and depression getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night, there is the need for greater awareness on the importance of getting a good night’s rest.

In a recent survey by Gym+Coffee of 4,500 people, the average mental wellbeing score looking at how they felt over the last 2 years was just 6 out of 10. However, nearly 60% said that they use exercise as a key part in managing their mental health but found it difficult to find the time to fit this in. Nearly 50% of survey participants also found it a struggle to switch off from their electrical devices, with social media contributing to an average lower mental wellbeing score of just 4 out of 10 as a direct result of online use.

+Pause was created by Gym+Coffee to help those attending to take a moment to reflect, build real connection with themselves and with others, and embrace physical activity, mindfulness and learn about techniques to support mental wellbeing. The event hosted must-try experiences and activities run by some of the UK’s leading wellbeing therapists, the biggest names in the fitness and mental health space, alongside promoting work with charities and social enterprises.

The three-day event also included discussions with mental health and fitness activist, and RunTalkRun founder, Jess Robson, relief through Therapy Dogs Nationwide, famed laughter therapist Lotte Mikkelsen and an exclusive workshop by empowerment coach, Megan Rose Lane.

Gym+Coffee, co-founder, Diarmuid McSweeney said:

We are committed to Make Life Richer for our community and this World Mental Health Day, we hope to help more find balance and greater wellbeing. With Niall Horan’s involvement and the +Pause event, we want to bring greater awareness that everyone has an opportunity to sleep and improve their mental health without limits.”

Niall Horan commented:

With many struggling to sleep during these crazy times of the past 18 months, I was keen to get involved in Gym+Coffee’s initiative and help in any way possible. It’s really amazing to watch world mental health day grow and we can clearly see a path for change. I hope that as many people as possible got to enjoy the +Pause event and took a time out for themselves.”


To listen to the exclusive soothing sleep narration recorded by Gym+Coffee ambassador Niall Horan, please visit

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