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Launching in the UK, Iternal is a new software that allows people to share their life stories, even after their death. Founded by Paul Wiseall and first ever winner of The Apprentice, Tim Campbell, MBE, Iternal is an innovative platform that re-defines how people secure, store and share their lives with those they love. 

 The product uses modern technology to bring human storytelling to life, ensuring that the legacy of their customers is remembered just how they want it to be. Stories and memories are uploaded and managed by each user to paint a precise picture of who they are and how they want to be remembered.  

Unlike many social media platforms, Internal isn’t a public platform and the company has put privacy at the heart of the software. It is all about creating a safe place to share memories with those you care about – for eternity – and the website provides a secure and private location for users to create a profile that they can control. It is down to the user to decide what, when and with whom they want to share their stories with.  

The digital platform is an innovative concept that allows people’s life-stories to exist securely with your family forever, using technology. It has a number of revolutionary features that helps create a vivid profile of yourself:  


Store memories forever 

The software allows members to store memories using voice notes, images and text forever. It allows users to tell their stories and be remembered exactly how they want 

Privacy is in your hands

As a user, Iternal allows you to decide who you share your life’s memories with and gives full control over who can see them 

Time capsule 

Store and schedule emails to anyone, including yourself, for the future as a personal time capsule 

Your own AI 

A personal AI chatbot will help build your profile and begin to learn from you as you interact with it 

 Artificial Intelligence functionality is also evolving behind the scenes at Iternal HQ. Peet Denny – Iternal’s Head of AI – leads the charge in creating an interface that will allow family and friends to experience their loved one’s memories, bringing them closer to their friends’ and families’ lives, after their death. Updated features will be available for consumer use in the second quarter of 2021. 

This isn’t just for people who are looking to be remembered, but we want sons, daughters and relatives to use this as a tool to start speaking to their loved ones whilst they are able to and to begin learning more about those around them. We hope this will be a tool that not only creates legacies but also starts conversations.” 

Iternal has launched officially in the UK. The website can be found in the link below. Anyone can sign up for free and start crafting their legacy, or that of their loved ones today. 


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