New study reveals the top ten reasons for a festive freak-out

Wrapping weirdly shaped presents (20%), putting on weight (20%) and spending time with the in-laws (16%) are some of the top reasons Brits are likely to suffer a Christmas crisis according to new research* released today. Financial worries top the list, with nearly a quarter (24%) of us stating this as the most stressful aspect of Christmas at home, followed by not having any time for yourself (22%).

Furthermore, the research, commissioned by Google, reveals that in order to secure a bit of ‘me’ time at home, Brits will go out of their way to avoid their family, including sneaking away into a bedroom (45%) or going to the pub (8%). In fact over a third (35%) of us admit we’d even hide a bathroom or loo just to get a bit of peace and quiet.

It seems one of the top things we need help dealing with is having to entertain the in-laws over the festive period. Nearly a fifth (18%) of us admit we would prefer to stay in bed and do nothing, 11% of us would rather go to work, and a brave 10% would even prefer to swim naked with sharks!

The survey conducted to find out how people will be using Google’s recently launched Home Hub to ease the stresses of hosting Christmas at home, also reveals that nearly two thirds (65%) of us finding Christmas at home stressful.

Laurian Clemence of Google, says:

Google Home Hub was made for times like Christmas. Having family round over the festive season can be overwhelming, and this device is designed to fit in with your life by being your personal little helper when you really need it; from using recipes for sprouts while managing not to burn the turkey, to videos for wrapping oddly shaped gifts, to setting timers, entertaining the family and controlling the heating. As it’s powered by the Google Assistant, it works with a simple voice command – meaning that you can juggle all the different elements of Christmas at the same time, easily and seamlessly.


Top Ten Reasons for a Festive Freak-Out
1 Finances 24%
2 Not having any time for yourself 22%
3 Cooking the Christmas dinner 22%
4 Wrapping weirdly shaped presents 20%
5 Putting on weight 20%
6 Spending time with the in-laws 16%
7 Pretending to like a present that you really don’t 14%
8 Buying presents for people you rarely see 11%
9 Decorating the house 10%
10 Untangling the Christmas lights 10%


Just missing out on the top ten stresses was having to find things for the kids to do (7%) and running out of alcohol (5%) as well as having to play games with the family (10%).


Regional Statistics:

People in Northern Ireland are the most likely to be found hiding from their family down the pub, with 15% admitting that’s their safe haven. And in the North East, it seems as though the likelihood of receiving an unwanted gift is increased, with a quarter (25%) admitting the thing they find most stressful about Christmas is having to pretend to like a present they really don’t. Scots are most worried about having time to themselves with over a quarter (27%) citing this as their most stress-inducing element of Christmas.

With cooking Christmas dinner third on the nation’s Stressmas list, Google Assistant powered Home Hub teamed up with Gordon Ramsay to create a hidden feature where you can find out directly from the chef himself, what he likes to eat at home just by saying ‘OK Google what does Gordon Ramsay eat at home?’ Other hidden content includes prima ballerina Misty Copeland, famed for her performances in the festive ballet The Nutcracker, answering ‘OK Google, when did Misty Copeland start dancing?’. Or if carol singing is a worry, just ask ‘OK Google, how to sing like Nick Jonas?” to get top tips from the American pop-star himself!


Google Home Hub is £139 and available from the Google Store, Currys PC World, Carphone Warehouse, John Lewis, eBay and Argos. It is available in four colours: Chalk, Charcoal, Aqua, and Sand.


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