New sports to try in 2021

In the UK, there are plenty of different sports you can get involved in. It often seems that every other person plays football in some form or another, while a large group prefers the more brutal option of rugby. And in the summer, it’s surprising how many people play tennis and cricket.

But what if you want to do something a bit different? Here are some alternative sports that you can enjoy in the UK.


Card Games

Card games are some of the most widely available sports in the UK. The most popular of all is blackjack, which you can find in almost every physical and online casino in the country. Part of this popularity is due to the fact that blackjack has simple rules that make it easy to pick up, even for complete beginners.

However, below the surface, it’s a game with a lot of complexity. Avid players employ mathematically-based strategies and card counting to improve their odds and to try and beat the house. This makes it a great mental workout.

Poker is another of the most popular card games in the world and is enjoyed by millions of people from a diverse range of backgrounds. It’s similar to blackjack in that you need to make a strong hand, but the main difference is that it’s played against other players instead of the dealer.

Like many other sports, poker has a mix of amateur and professional competitions, with the biggest tournament of all being the World Series of Poker which is held each year in Las Vegas.

However, Brits can still get involved in poker and experience the thrill. The easiest way is to start playing online. There are plenty of sites that let you practice for free and play with real money when you’re ready.

If you feel you have what it takes, you can enter live competitions like the UK and Ireland Poker Tour which are held in some of the biggest casinos in the country.



Ever wanted to feel like Robin Hood? If the answer is yes, then you might want to take up archery. Humans have been using bows and arrows for tens of thousands of years, to help them to hunt and defend themselves. However, today it’s just a fun activity.

This Olympic sport is relatively niche in the UK, with around 65,000 people taking part in it regularly. Despite this, you can still find plenty of places to try it out and have lots of fun.

In fact, you can regularly find archery experiences on sites like Groupon for as little as £20. For example, the AIM Archery experience offers two hours of learning and practice, allowing you to fire arrows at different targets.

There are also plenty of clubs around the country that you can join. This will also give you the opportunity to learn from more experienced archers.



Most drivers overestimate their abilities behind the wheel when they’re on the road, which is why so many think it’s ok to wizz down motorways at excessive speeds. If you’d prefer to unleash your inner-Lewis Hamilton in a safer environment, then why not try go-karting. You don’t need the skills of the seven-time F1 World Champion to get involved, and it’s great fun.

Most major towns and cities have their own track (or are a short drive from one), and you can usually rent all the equipment you need for around £20-40. Like archery, you can often find Groupon deals too.

You don’t need a driving license to drive a go-kart and there’s usually no gears or clutch to worry about. It’s simply a case of using your right foot to go faster and your left to stop and slow down while turning the wheel to get yourself around the corners.

If you enjoy it and want to take it a step further, try booking a driving experience through one of the many experience day companies that you can find online and in stores like Boots. This will give you a taste of what it’s like to drive cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porches, if only for a day.



If you enjoy owning noobs in games like CS: GO and Call of Duty, then why not try paintball? It’s a safe and fun way to get a more realistic experience while giving your friends a couple of bruises in the process.

Paintballing is a popular activity for groups of friends to do together, which makes it great for stag parties and other such celebrations. However, you can also do it alone at one of the many paintball venues around the country.

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