New Disney Frozen podcast reveals the next chapter of Anna and Elsa’s story

As the 10th anniversary of Disney’s Frozen approaches, Disney Publishing Worldwide, in collaboration with ABC Audio and Walt Disney Animation Studios are excited to launch the brand-new, first-of-its-kind Disney Frozen Podcast an original podcast that extends the storytelling of the beloved Walt Disney animated film as an audio-first offering, complete with new characters and an original, standalone adventure set after the events of Frozen 2.  


Disney Animation’s Academy Award©-winning Frozen has endured as a powerful reminder to fans of all ages to never give up as an epic adventure story about the power of love and family. The Disney Frozen Podcast expands on this tradition of self-discovery, bringing listeners on an exciting journey about the magical connections of family, forgiveness, and a little curiosity. 


Lynn Waggoner, Vice President of Global Publishing, Franchise Content and Creative said, “For almost a decade, Disney Publishing has journeyed through Arendelle with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf – from storybook collections to middle grade adventure stories. We are excited to continue telling new stories in this world through this spell-binding audio-first offering. The DisneyFrozen Podcast is an expansive endeavor made possible through deep collaboration with creative teams across our company, setting a new standard for engaging kids podcasting content.”  


The launch of Season 1 of Disney Frozen Podcast: Forces of Nature presented by Macy’s, highlights a landmark moment for kids podcasting as Disney’s first foray into an audio-first extension of a Walt Disney animated franchise. For 100 years, fans around the world have been captivated by the timeless and iconic stories from The Walt Disney Company. Storytelling has long been at the heart of Disney, and Disney Publishing continues to innovate new ways for stories to come to life: from books, comics, magazines, to apps and audiobooks. According to a new study by Edison, 94% of kids ages 6-12 who listen to podcasts say that they enjoy listening to them with their family. Podcasts foster a sense of screen-free family connection. The Disney FrozenPodcast engages young listeners with quality programming from a treasured franchise.  


“ABC Audio is thrilled to introduce the power of audio storytelling to a new generation through the Disney Frozen Podcast,” said Liz Alesse, vice president of ABC Audio. “This immersive series created in partnership with Disney Publishing Worldwide and Walt Disney Animation Studios taps into listeners’ imagination and offers parents an engaging, screen-free experience to share with their children.” 




Queen Anna has a lot on her plate – there are visitors in her Kingdom, a friend in need, and even the Duke of Weselton’s nephew skulking around – so when the Spirits of Nature start acting up, she knows she has to solve the problem – and fast – before things get more out of control. But when Anna and Elsa travel to the Enchanted Forest, they find mysterious copper machines that are disrupting the natural order of things. Who made these machines and what are they doing in the forest? And more importantly, how do Anna and Elsa stop them? Disney Frozen Podcast: Forces of Nature is a 12-episode audio-first story for kids.  


Meet the New Podcast Characters 


QUEEN DISA: Queen Disa is the ruler of Sankershus, a kingdom plagued by floods. She has an expertly scientific mind and loves to understand how all things work. Her father recently passed and left her the kingdom to look after. She has made the decision to seek help from Arendelle and wants to make sure she’s repaying them in kind – with science!  


LORD WOLFGANG: Wolfgang is the Duke of Weselton’s nephew who is currently on an apology tour to make amends for his uncle’s behavior. He is also desperate to bring honor (and trade) back to his country after the unfortunate events that happened last time a Weseltonian was in Arendelle. He is here to render assistance in any way he can, especially with the application of copper. Though his true love is commerce – and copper – he is actually quite an accomplished knitter.  He has two pet magpies, Astrid and Magnus. 


ASTRID and MAGNUS: Just normal magpies. Definitely nothing abnormal about them. Did you know magpies can talk? 


The Disney Frozen Podcast is also excited to feature ABC News’ chief meteorologist Ginger Zee as a voice presenter within the series. Ginger has a longstanding history of celebrating all-things Frozen, including hosting ABC Audio’s Inside Frozen 2 podcast. As a storyteller herself (A Little Closer to Home: How I Found the Calm After the Storm), Ginger brings the perfect energy and enthusiasm to introduce audiences to this new series as the voice of the Disney Frozen Podcast visual trailer.  


Season 1 of The Disney Frozen Podcast: Forces of Nature presented by Macy’s will be available wherever you listen to podcasts when it launches — subscribe to stay up to date on your favorite podcasting app. More information can be found here

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