NBA 2K Sundays – Thibaut Courtois takes on NBA star Willy Hernangomez

During the current suspension of the 2019-20 NBA season that initially saw a record 48 primetime games scheduled in Europe on Saturdays and Sundays, Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has been hosting a weekly series of NBA2K20 games against different European sports personalities, celebrities and influencers as a part of the #NBATogether initiative. In ‘NBA 2K Sundays with Thibaut Courtois’ the Belgian National team goalkeeper has been playing a scheduled #NBASundays presented by NBA2K20 game which is broadcast on his Twitch channel and promoted on NBA Europe social media platforms.

In the fourth head-to-head this Sunday (9.00pm CEST) Courtois, playing as the Atlanta Hawks, will match-up against the Charlotte Hornets and Spain National basketball team center, Willy Hernangómez, representing his own NBA team. Tune-in on Sunday to see if Hernangómez can be the first in the series to win versus Courtois!

Willy Hernangomez on how he is spending time during the lockdown: “Given that we can’t leave the house here in Charlotte because we’re under lockdown, I’m using the time to do a bit of studying. I’ve got a mini gym set up here in the lounge and I’ve got my brothers here too, so we usually work out, hang out, and so far we’ve not killed each other.”

 Thibaut Courtois on how he is spending time during the lockdown: “I’m all good. I’ve got a friend here. We’re just hanging out, playing a bit of PlayStation and working out at home too. I’m lucky because I’ve got a garden so I can do a bit of goalkeeper training, as far as possible.”

 Hernangomez on keeping in touch with his teammates: “I have a call with the Hornets at least once a day to make sure we don’t have any kind of symptoms and to make sure we’re OK. They’re keeping a close eye on us. They send us training plans and check in to make sure we’ve done it. We often watch old playoff games and then discuss them. So to be honest it’s been quite fun, as much as it can be. But I’m missing shooting hoops and going for the dunks.”

 Hernangomez on playing NBA 2K: “I really like 2K. I’ve been playing for years and I keep playing every year. I like creating a player. I usually play as a point guard. Whenever I get together with my friends to have dinner or spend the afternoon together we usually play 2K online, or when I’m in Spain we like to go at it. It’s always fun. I usually play as myself and go for the Hornets or when I was in New York… Sometimes I play as my brother to see how I get on playing with them.”

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