Nails – we all have them, but some take them a lot more seriously than others. With the rise of instagram and outfits of the days, it’s impossible to not get caught up in the nail hype. From Kylie Jenner to JLO, everyone has had a ‘new nails selfie’ and we’re going to teach you all you need to know about the top 2017 nails styles.

nails-gel-nail-art-cutest-flower-nail-design-ideas-with-3d-flower-inThe simple square nail is probably one of the most popular when it comes to nail shapes. These look equally cute short as they do long. There’s the slightly rounded edges or the sharp edge, either of them are great for beginners.



bahama-mama-essie-nailsAnother great starter nail is the oval, also known as the almond nail. These can be done natural or with acrylic and both look just a great. Subtle colours go best with the oval shape; if you want to be daring we suggest you go for a nail shape with more flare.



stiletto-nails-tumblrThe Stiletto nail had a rise in popularity a while ago but is still going strong to this day. These are usually done using acrylic nails but this can also be done on your natural nails too. The Stiletto nail is literally what it says on the tin, a very pointy nail that forms the shape of a stiletto heel. We recommend having them at a reasonable length as having them either too short or too long looks equally ridiculous. The stiletto nail is the most popular nail for interesting patterns and even jeweling, so have fun with that ladies.



coffin-nail-designs-matte-2016The coffin nail, also known as the ballerina nail, is not as daunting as it seems. It’s fairly similar to the stiletto nail but it has a squared top instead of a pointed one. Again, this style works best with longer nails, so this one is for the daring only!



If you’re not a fan of acrylic then it might be a great idea to try gel. Gel nails are not as damaging to the acrylic as it does not weaken the nail. Gel nails can go with acrylic (usually for length or previously damaged nails) or straight on the natural nail. The gel varnish, once cured, can get hard enough to act as a nail extension, protecting your nail. Gel nails are really useful for day-to-day use as they don’t chip and tend to last for a good while! Regardless of what style you choose, be sure to have your nails looking great this winter.




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