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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Crow Pose? For most people, it’s fear of face planting into the floor in the middle of a yoga class. We’re here to tell you that Crow Pose doesn’t have to be scary!

In fact, this pose is packed with physical benefits:

  • Strengthens arms + wrists
  • Tons abdominal muscles
  • Stretches upper back

What’s even better is that this pose also tones your willpower. Once you move through the fear you associate with this pose, your taking simple steps that build your self confidence and trust.

Try these simple steps to elevate your Crow Pose:

Step 1: Set up your foundation

From a squatting position, plant your hands on the floor. Gaze on the ground in front of your hands and grip the mat firmly. Inch your knees to the outside of your triceps (as close to your armpit as you can).

Step 2: Shift Forward

Squeeze your arms with your knees and shift your weight forward, creating a shelf with your arms. You’ll feel your weight shift into your hands, grip with your finger tips to give yourself a stable foundation

Step 3: Try a toe lift

Activate your core by scoping your belly in and up to create a lifting action. Lift one foot up.

Step 4: Switch

Place the foot down and practice lifting the other one. Try a few toes taps until you feel ready for the next step.

Step  5: Take flight

Now lift both feet up and bring the toes to touch behind you.

Remember: Strong core and steady gaze! Although your weight is in your hands, squeeze your arms with your legs and keep your core activated! The tighter of a ball you can create with your body, the easier it will be to balance.

Still feeling a little freaked out by the idea of lifting both feet off the ground? You aren’t alone. Place a block on the floor where your head would land should you fall. That way, in the (totally hypothetical) situation that you do actually faceplant, your block catches you.

Step 5: Crow Pose (Main Image) 

Not too scary, right?  The journey to Crow Pose is exciting, so have fun with it! When we approach the difficult parts of the yoga practice with playfulness and curiosity we help bring in  a little more lightheartedness into our life off the mat, too. So, live your life and get your Crow Pose on!

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