Mulberry Starts Setting Trends With The Delphie

With spring fast approaching, the time has come for everyone to begin shedding those extra layers, throw on some amazing colors, and enjoy the warmer weather. With this new weather of course comes new fashion; everyone loves when new styles are released so they can shed their winter garb and reinvent themselves for the new season. Like any good designer, Mulberry has just released a new line of bags for spring that are sure to spark the switch between seasons.

Mulberry_vertical lock-up

The newest addition to the Mulberry family comes in the form of the Delphie collection. Stylish, functional, and available in several colors, the Delphie is perfect for anyone. Conveniently available in several sizes and colors, the Delphie is one of the best collections Mulberry has released. The simple design is chic and stylish, but the bag does not sacrifice functionality. The zippered compartment ensures that no valuables will be lost, while the buttoned clasp adds another level of protection and design to the bag.


The Delphie is the perfect bag for any jet setter living in a large city. One of the few things cities like London, New York, Paris, and Los Angeles have in common is a fast-paced lifestyle. Instead of lugging around a huge tote, the Delphi fits snug across the body for easy, hands free travel, making the hop on and off the subway a bit simpler.


If you are looking to invest in a stylish, well made, functional, and totally comfortable bag, there is really only one sensible choice; go with the Delphie!

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