MTV Staying Alive: Why We Love Bruce Jenner

A courageous announcement from Bruce Jenner has transformed the discussion around trans issues

Last week, Bruce Jenner announced to the world that he was in fact a she. In a courageous interview with ABC, Jenner explained the pain she experienced hiding her true identity. This story has created shockwaves across the media and the public. Watch the interview below:

Her story of shame, humiliation, and depression has had a deep impact on the collective consciousness and comments have poured in from all over, including a torrent of A-list celebs like Oprah, J-lo, and Sam Smith:

Sam-Smith J-lo Oprah

Jenner’s transition hasn’t been easy for his family either. Her daughter, Kylie tweeted:



However, the public response to Jenner’s announcement hasn’t been universally supportive. On the contrary, this less than savoury social media backlash (which we will not publicise) ranges from ignorance to hate speech.

Jenner’s courageous public declaration about her struggle with her gender identity has already created unprecedented discussion and awareness of trans issues.

She has inspired others to feel comfortable in their own skin and has made a massive contribution in the effort to reduce the stigma and discrimination faced by the trans community, a population who are disproportionately affected byHIV.

Like Oprah said: “Bravo”!

For more information about transphobia, click here.


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