MTV Staying Alive Welcomes Tinie Tempah as New Ambassador

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation, MTV’s organisation dedicated to stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS among young people, welcomes its newest celebrity ambassador, multi-award-winning English rapper, Tinie Tempah.


The MTV Staying Alive Foundation is an international content-producing and grant-giving organisation dedicated to stopping the spread of HIV among young people.  MTV Staying Alive has already helped many people all over the world;  their programming has reached 100% of the top 50 countries affected by HIV, along with this they have awarded 500 grants in 66 countries around the world distributing over $5 million to grassroots HIV-prevention projects and directly helping 2.6 million young people. This is all incredible work, but the fight against HIV/AIDs continues.


As ambassador, Tinie will act as the spokesperson and face of the organization worldwide, helping to increase awareness of HIV and AIDS and raise money to help young people all over the world. His first duty as ambassador will be on May 14th 2015 as he headlines MTV Staying Alive’s exclusive fund -raising event, Found, at London’s Victoria House.

The man himself says: “If we’re going to end HIV, then we need to raise awareness and get people talking. I think it’s my duty, and the duty of other artists, to use their platform and their voice for social good. I can’t wait to help MTV Staying Alive positively impact the lives of young people around world.”


Tinie’s support for MTV Staying Alive comes at a crucial time in the fight against HIV/AIDS, when millions of young people are at risk of infection and millions more face barriers to their sexual and reproductive health.  Reports continue to laud the progress being made in the fight against HIV/AIDS, but data shows that young people are suffering more than ever, and we think Tinie will do a fantastic job as ambassador to support the cause and raise awareness. This is an extremely important cause that people need to be aware of, it is essential that people are educated and informed about HIV/AIDS and that we come together to learn, help, and battle it. To find out more head to 



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