Missing your friends? Now you can see them (ish)

Lockdown may be over for now, but thanks to a wonderful thing called tiers, we’re still not allowed to meet with loved ones indoors!

 With this in mind, Spanish wine brand Campo Viejo is set to fill the social void of friends and family members, enabling Brits nationwide to #ShareAWine with loved ones by offering a FREE life size pop up cut-out of their mum, dad, loved one or friend with every order of Campo Viejo wine from 1st December at: Shareawine.com

 Campo Viejo is a flagship Rioja winery and the no.1 Spanish wine brand in the UK*. Ever since two local winemakers – Beristain and Ortigüela – created the first vintage in 1959, Campo Viejo has represented the expressiveness, colour and vibrancy of Rioja.

 A multi-award winning and sustainable winery, Campo Viejo has a love and respect for the land and its winemaking heritage. 

Since sharing (a bottle of wine) is caring, the initiative was launched after a survey found that during lockdown, the nation confided in people with 26 percent agreeing that this year they have relied more on friends, family and neighbors than ever. The survey also revealed that even though we were apart, thanks to bubbles and zooms, more than a quarter (27 percent) spent more time with friends this year than in 2019.

Lucy Bearman, Brand Director from Campo Viejo said: “For almost a year we’ve all been stuck at home missing our friends and family and whilst we’re glad everyone has been abiding by the rules, it hasn’t been fun. We want to bring a little bit of joy to people as Christmas gets closer. Having your best friend round for a glass of Campo Viejo wine is the perfect antidote to a glum weekend stuck at home!”

It’s not just their best friends. The study also found that lockdown caused 32 percent of Brits to reconnect or even make new friends with old friends from their past (67 percent), including with their neighbors (25 percent) and work colleagues (23 percent ). In reality, 2020 has made us so virtual that 19% of people have made new online friends. So nothing prevents them from getting new or old friends into their life to share a glass of wine with them.

Available nationwide from 1 December, wine lovers will receive a free pop-up shipped with each purchase of Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo or Campo Viejo Viura-Tempranillo Blanco from Shareawine.com. All they have to do is visit the online store and upload a photo and they can share a bottle of wine with their bestie within 48 hours. Cheers to that!

Although pop-up friends won’t be the best at keeping a conversation, they’re going to add humor to those Zoom calls with friends on Friday night. The best bit? With cardboard, there’s no need for social distancing!

Any order of Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo and Campo Viejo Viura-Tempranillo Blanco from Shareawine.com (£15 plus shipping, nationwide) to get your hands on your own  free pop up cut-out!